Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Crash Spoils No No - Yanks Push Game 5

4th inning, I get an email that violates all long time standing baseball rules - pointing out that someone (AJ Burnett), in some game (ALDS Game 4), has only allowed walks (has not given up a hit) - as such, roughly inside of 30 seconds of reading that Victor Martinez plants a ball in the Right Center bleachers. Thanks for that.

Putting Crash's indiscretions aside for a moment - the Yanks bats came alive roughing up the Tigers 10-1 in front of their home crowd.

A-Rod and Tex actually got on base, got a hit or two, and have upped their series avg. to .143.

But the game star was Curtis Granderson - two catches that made me wince - saved runs, saved the game.

Nova takes the hill for the series decider - if he comes through again, he may very well cement his pinstripes for years to come.

Winner takes on defending champ Texas.


Crash said...

I will take full credit/blame for the no-hit bid ending, but for the record there was another game going on and I may or may not have been referring to that one.

And for the record someone on this board had a fairly accurate prediction to the game last night: "I think AJ pitches decently tonight, I'm thinking 5+ innings 1 or 2 runs. Then you can bring in Hughes for a couple of innings. "

Hughes did look pretty good too. His fastball was sitting pretty consistently at 94-95 and the breaking ball had life. I know it was in mop up duty, but he may have shown he can be a great bullpen weapon like in '09.

I have to say I am really confident for the Yankees to wrap this up tomorrow night at home with Nova on the mound. I think this time around the Yankee bats will figure out Scherzer and will hang some runs on him early.

I liked that Miguel Cabrera joked with A-Rod and the Yankee dugout, after A-Rod got his first hit of the series, Miggy turned and jokingly asked if he wanted the ball.

Crash said...

Once in a while I will check out the NY rags online for Yankee news. And this really irked me. I've never been a big fan of Joel Sherman, and this just furthers my dislike. The Yankees are in a game 5 elimination situation in the ALDS, they just got a great start from AJ, the offense put the game out of reach late and in this moment of both celebrating a win and staying alive with a chance at the ALCS rematch with the Rangers what angle does Sherman take today: "CC's Contract Will Put Yanks in Tough Spot". Is this really the time to talk about contracts, opt out clauses, extensions, etc. Is it really the time to sit there and try and drive a wedge between the #1 starter and the team during the playoffs? Do you really want to bring up contracts when CC needs to be concentrating on his next start (hopefully) or maybe even relief appearance Thursday. This is the kind of story you write the day after the Yankees are finished in the postseason (hopefully winning #28).

Sherman is a joke of a "journalist".

old professor said...

I as well as probably everyone in the Yankee universe was completely surprised by the way Burnett pitched. Exclude the first inning which could have been a disaster and he pitched very well.

Odd how things work out. Team goes for the final game five and who do they have to rely on to win - a rookie - Ivan Nova. This could be a significant step in this kids career. He pitched out of sight on Saturday and would be viewed as the legitimate number two going into the Championship series - however, he won't be able to pitch until game three or four do to the time spacing.

Crash said...

Not even worried about ALCS at this point. Just need to win tomorrow. Then we can worry about lining up the rotation, and who will start game 2.

Crash said...

Just got an email from Yankees ticketing as seats are still available for Game 5. That is so disappointing to me that seats are still available for Game 5 in a playoff series. It's like no one wants to be bothered with the ALDS or ALCS...they only show up to the World Series. It's all corporate $$ now, no real fans except in the bleachers and upper decks.

mid said...

Yeah - Sherman's timing was off with that column - but what can you do.

I like it that Cards were able to push game 5.

Pitching aside - I think the key to game 5 is all about the hitters in the 4 and 5 spot.

Tex and A-Rod were able to get on the board with a couple of hits to ease the pressure - they need to unload and put this game out of reach early.

old professor said...

Yankee offense will dictate the outcome of this game. If the Yankees can jump on Fister early, Nova can relax and do his thing.

Crash, I think you are right about the fans and money. Having said that, we need to line up tickets for one of the home games if the Yankees get to the ALCS or better yet for the series should they get there.

Crash said...

Yankee trails was offering half-priced tickets to tonight's game ($49).

My next playoff game has to be a World Series game. I've been to about half a dozen ALDS games over the years and of course the ALCS game.

I'm really pulling for the Cardinals to win the series against the Phillies. If the Phillies are eliminated it really clears the way for the Yankees. If they win tonight I can't see anyone else stopping them on their way to #28.

And I completely agree about Tex and A-Rod needing to produce tonight. Both have begun looking better at the plate and they really need to come through tonight. They need to pounce on Fister early.

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