Friday, October 07, 2011

2011 Ends Early

Not sure where this disappointment ranks with others - but 2011 is the season that could have been. Best record in the AL, home field advantage, career milestones etc. and all it means is an exit in the ALDS to the Tigers??

The Yanks pitching was OK in this series - the games they lost were relatively close. This series was about a lack of hitting by the big payroll guys.

In addition to a recurrence of A-Rod's post season vaginitis, it appears as though Texiera contracted the disease as well going 3 for 18 (A-Rod batted 0-for in 4 of the 5 games played going 2 for 18).

Too many runners left on base, too many unproductive outs, this series should have been a blowout win for the Bombers plain and simple - the bats failed.

And now the season is done.


Crash said...

You want to know what kind of sums up this post-season...the best performance of this post-season was had by AJ Burnett. If that doesn't just say it all I don't know what does. He turned in the most clutch performance of this post season by far.

Before this series began I said the Tigers would be exposed for what they are, a pretty good team in the weakest division in baseball. And to be honest that's what we saw. The Yankees scored 4 off of their #1 starter when the rest of the league scores half of that. Scherzer and Fister made a ton of mistakes up in the zone out over the plate and no one in the lineup did anything. Announcers last night and analysts this morning are saying tip your cap to the Tigers pitching staff they made the pitches. No they didn't. Yankees lost that series, Tigers didn't win it. Tigers had no right even being on the same field with the Yankees. Texas hitters were hot before they're long lay off, if they stay hot, Tigers get swept.

The Yankees had the bases loaded in the 4th and 7th and every single player that came up was trying to hit a grand slam, when all they needed was a base hit. Teixeira drew a bases loaded walk and he looked relieved that he didn't make an out.

At the end of the game after A-Rod struck out to end the post-season (again...the only Yankee player ever to strikeout to end the Yankees post season TWICE), I saw Teixeira gave Alex a little pat on the back...yeah just what I want to see the guy batting .167 cheering up the guy hitting .111 and the sole reason the Yankees are out of the playoffs.

You can criticize Girardi for micro-managing the pitching last night, it was painful to watch, but that's not what cost the Yankees the game and the series.

I actually felt sad for Posada. Most likely his last day in pinstripes and he had a damn fine series. He came up in a couple big spots and didn't deliver though. I was waiting for him to hit a game tying HR or go ahead homer and the Stadium would have blown up.

This one hurts a lot more. I know the Yankees had the best team in the AL this year, I know they would have rolled Texas and the only team that should have stopped them is Philly. This sucks.

Crash said...

One thing that I kind of forgotten about is that Nova left the game with tightness in the forearm and is scheduled for an MRI today. If he is seriously injured, requires surgery, and misses next season, the Yankees have serious problems. CC can opt out, Garcia and Colon are gone. That leaves AJ and Hughes. HOLY CRAP!

Yes it's official the sky is falling in Yankee Universe.

old professor said...

Mid, you seem to forget the runners left on by Jeter and how many times he struck out with runners in scoring position.

This team will need to make some serious decisions in the upcoming weeks. Do they renew Cashman? Does CC opt out and if he does is he worth bringing back for more money and an longer contract? Posada? Sad to say he is done with the Yankees. Do they bring Martin back? If the answer is yes, who is the backup - Cervelli, Romine or Montero??

The prognosis on Nova is not good - stiffness in the forearm normally results in Tommy John surgery. You don't want to enter next season with the only returning member of the rotation being AJ.

Swisher, do they pick up the option or let him walk? Wade do they offer or let him walk - he should be given another contract. Ayla will probably not return. One thing this year points out is that Hughes may be better suited for the bullpen then the rotation.

Crash said...

Old Prof while I agree Jeter...and everyone else in the lineup...failed at some point in this series to drive in runs when they needed, lets keep in mind Jeter at least hit above .200 (.250, 2 RBI, SB)...A-Rod, Tex, Swisher, and Martin can't say that.

Both the team and Cashman say they will work something out, so I have to believe Cashman is coming back. I think that is a good thing.

After CC choked in the last 2 post-seasons he may want to reconsider opting out of his current contract. If he does no doubt the Yankees make him the #1 priority as there is no pitcher on the open market even close to that. I would put in a fitness clause in his contract. He needs to come into the season much lighter and stronger and maintain that during the season. It looked like he got real tiered in September and it carried over in October.

This team needs some serious heart...they obviously don't have a need or have room for the likes of Pujols or Fielder. Mark Buehrle and CJ Wilson are the best starters out there.

Already trade talk about Montero. If they trade him look for Martin to come back because Romine doesn't have the bat for the bigs yet.

Crash said...

Just a grade 1 flexor strain for Nova. No surgery required, should heal without complications in offseason.

Mid said...

Let Swisher Walk

And if CC opts out not big deal - he failed in the post season as far as I'm concerned.

Nova and Chamberlain will be back and The Yanks can seek to reacquire a handful of guys they let go too soon to replace him (Wang, Karstens, Kennedy) not to mention CJ Wilson from the still playing Rangers.

Crash said...

With the Phillies losing to the Cardinals, I think the Brewers have to be the favorite to win it all.

Phillies suffer the same fate as Yankees, heavy favorite playing an elimination game at home, only to have the offense completely shut down.

For the Yankees this has to be the one that got away.

Mid said...

Don't know if the Brewers can be favored over defending WS champs - but I want the Brew Crew to win.

Crash said...

Mid the defending World Series champs didn't even make the playoffs this year so I'm not sure what you're referring to. Last time Cardinals won the World Series was 2006.

Just to recap recent WS winners: 2010 Giants
2009 Yankees
2008 Phillies
2007 Red Sux
2006 Cardinals
2005 White Sox
2004 (we don't mention 2004)
2003 Marlins
2002 Angles
2001 DiamondBacks
2000 Yankees

It's going to be the Brewers and Rangers this year.

Crash said...

Oh and I keep believe the Giants lost that game yesterday. They literally gave it away in the last 4 minutes or so. Blown coverage on a Seattle TD and a turnover in the redzone with less than 2 minutes remaining. Unreal.

Free agency starts pretty quickly after the World Series ends, so I would expect in the next week or so that we hear the Yankees and Cashman have a new contract. Then it's on to CC, assuming he opts out, and probably CJ Wilson as the Yankees should look for a second lefty in the rotation. Some are speculating Carlos Beltran is a fit, I don't see it happening. I wouldn't mind bringing Posada back on a cheap deal, kind of like what Veritek is doing in Boston. Part-time player/coach, if Posada's ego can handle it.

Crash said...

Love how the media blows things out of proportion. The headline read "Yankee Prospect Suspended for PED Use". This was a class-A pitcher who tested positive for Sibutramine. Sibutramine is an appetite-suppressant. It has stimulant properties but is not considered one, except for MLB I guess. So even though the media, especially the biased anti-NY media will spin this as a PED bust against the Yankees, it was far from 'PEDs', steroids, HGH, etc.

old professor said...

Just a few comments about all of the posts - Montero is not going to be traded. He will be on the team as the primary DH and they will continue to work on his catching (or some other position). I would expect Martin back at a substantial raise in pay.

As for CC - the guy had knee surgery lost about 25 pounds, but then put it back on (something I can identify with). Apparently there was no concern from their conditioning person - WHY??

CC was also asked to pitch a lot of innings - eventually that will break a person done. I would be surprised if he opted out. He is a smart individual and he has four years left at 23 million per - that is a lot of money to walk away from and for what two more years and a couple of million more - Yankees would be bidding against themselves.

Mid you are back on the Karstens kick again as well as the Wang kick - Yankees will not trade for either one - bottom line is what they have in the minors is better than those two individuals as for Kennedy - I seriously doubt you will ever see him in pinstrips.

Buerle or Wilson would be a good addition, however, they are not stud aces Buerle is a good number 2 and Wilson while a number 1 for Texas is a solid #2 for others.

Don't expect to see Chamberlain until August at the earliest. He had Tommy John surgery and that is usually an 18 month rehab process.

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