Sunday, December 11, 2011

Braun Tests Positive

Ryan Braun's positive test has me thinking of Matt Kemp, Albert Pujols and Tino Martinez.

Not necessarily in that order. Why Pujols? Because statistically speaking he should have been the league MVP in '01, '03, and '04 - but lost out to a PED performing Barry Bonds.

Which Turns my attention to Matt Kemp - statistically speaking, he should have been this year's MVP but lost out to an elevated testosterone'd Braun.

Why Tino? Probably because he was impacted by Raffy's roids in that Raffy's performance overshadowed Tino which would have potentially led Tino to higher pay if not a Gold Glove at first.

That's what was going through my mind - not that it matters to the story.

On to the story - MLB/ESPN have cited anonymous sources saying that Braun did not test positive for PEDs, but for higher levels of normal testosterone. Don't know what that means, I guess none of us will truly know what it means until the appeal is heard and decided on.

If the ruling is the test stands - Braun could take a step toward rebuilding his credibility by returning the MVP award to its rightful owner in my opinion.

If the test results are legit - then I say it is a good thing as it shows the enforcement policies that are in place and working even though the Roid issue has started to fade.

Good for MLB - not so good for the Brewers franchise and their supporters.



old professor said...

Regarding Braun, he is appealing the test and the potential of a fifty game suspension. it would be interesting to know if it was a performance enhancing drug or one of those over the couner anti histameans used for colds that get players into trouble.

Angels are loaded to win the West. No guarantee with all of the names they have signed. Pujols will play first (still has major shoulder problem) that will eventually force him to go to dh.

If signings were everything, the Philly Eagles would have locked up the east and would be odds on favorites to win the Super Bowl. Something happened to that prognostication.

Crash said...

I heard a couple of different things on this. First it was synthetic testosterone that was 3x "acceptable" limits. Synthetic test is definitely a PED. It is the ultimate pure steroid.

Then I heard it wasn't a PED but a banned substance. They referenced the Manny drug suspension as he tested positive for a female fertility drug not a PED (the drug he tested positive for masks steroid use).

The other thing that was interesting was that Braun requested an immediate re-test and it came back clean. If it was synthetic testosterone and at that high of a level, his second test wouldn't be clean, it would still be in his system. Additionally that much test is usually for the bodybuilding types. Braun's physique did not change to a noticeable degree.

I think there are some strange things here, but bottom line you can't start making exceptions to the "toughest drug policy in sports" or it will lose it's credibility.

Also there were some in the media that were all about waiting to hear the whole story, not jump to conclusions, give the benefit of the doubt, etc. All because Braun is a very friendly and likeable guy. These were they same guys screaming about Mcgwire, Bonds, and A-Rod to get them out of baseball because they destroyed the integrity of the game. I have said this a lot lately, but the baseball writers are very hypocritical.

Mid I agree Braun should surrender the MVP, regardless of the outcome of the arb hearing. He tested positive. END OF STORY. These guys are pro athletes and need to know everything they are ingesting ro taking. If an OTC cold med can cause a positive test, you don't take it. How stupid are these guys.

How about the GIANTS with a huge win last night. Though the defense, particularly the secondary, tried to give it away all game including the final drive. They are just awful. A lot of blown coverages and guys just getting beat straight up. Jason Pierre-Paul is the next big thing. 1st place in the NFC East!

Crash said...

Brewers sign free agent former Cub 3B Aramis Ramirez.

Jon Danks rumors have started up again. Kenny Williams has dropped his asking price to the Yankees. He's now asking for Montero, Banuelos, or Betances. Not 2 of the 3.

Still not worth it. Danks is not a top flight starter and is a FA after this season. I wouldn't touch any of those guys. Under the new CBA Yankees would have to offer him a contract at $12MM a year to get draft compensation.

old professor said...

I am not sure what Danks is making now. However, it is possible to get MLB to structure the trade contingent upon a contract extension. What the amount will be I don't know. I lot of peopole who "wish to remain unnamed" have indicated the Yankees cannot afford Davish or Cespedes because of the impact it will have on the luxury tax.

Interesting also that a Yankee official indicated the Marlins were able to afford all of the free agents because of the money they received from the luxury tax funds. In essence the Yankees and Red Sox paid for the Marlins free agents. It will be wish for the Yankees to cut payroll to avoid the punishment of the new cap.

Unfortunately MLB is willing to accept system wide medicority to accommodate small market teams.

Crash said...

I don't believe that the Yankees cant afford Cespedes and Darvish. Keep in mind that half of Darvish's money is posting fee and that doesn't count toward luxury tax.

And the Yankees want to be below $189 in 2 seasons. Not a big deal. There team salary was at $207MM last year, they've already lost Jorge's $15MM. They can easily sign both Darvish and Cespedes to long term deals and still be under $189 by 2014. The key will be to have at least 2 young home grown pitchers in the rotation.

Mid said...

HUGE Win by the G-men

(now watch they'll lose to the skins)

Crash said...

Yankees are offering contracts to all players on their roster. This means guys like Russel Martin, Hughes, and Gardner will receive contracts and not be non-tendered.

The D'backs will non-tender Joe Saunders. Saunders had a couple of good seasons with the Angels before being traded for Dan Haren. He has struggled a little in Arizona but there is some speculation that the Red Sox could offer him a contract.

Tomorrow is the last day for posting on Darvish. I think this will be the telling sign. If the Yankees are aggressive with Darvish all the PR Cashman has been throwing out there about their great young pitching on the way was just a smoke screen and they actually have very little faith in their home grown talent. If however the Yankees put in a low offer it says they are sticking to the plan of developing these guys and sticking with them.

old professor said...

First regarding the Yankees and spending cash - the team has continually said the resources available for the team will be put into the rotation. Ecerything coming out of the Yankee Camp indicates they do not want to participate in the free for all involving Darvish. The picture on Cespedes could be clearer with the Yankees movement toward resigning Andruw Jones. Apparently they liked his demeanor and his bat and being righthanded. I don't see how a team that wants to get younger signs an aging outfielder who defensively is now a liability.

I would gamble more with free agents from Cuba versus posting for a Japanese pitcher. The team has also had preliminary talks with Nakijima on signing.

Crash said...

File this under I'm not surprised a bit...Former Braves closer John Rocker admits steroid use.

Since Swisher's contract expires after this year, and Granderson the following year, and a lack of OF depth in the farm system, I agree that the Cuban OF would be the better investment. You sign him this year, send him to AAA, give him the call up if he proves himself during the season making him the 4th OF and seeing some playing time, next year he can play RF or CF (move Granderson to RF for his final year).

old professor said...

Switching sports, I was surprised at the Giants win. After Eli threw the fourth quarter interception, I thought the game was over plus it was past my bed time. They now control their destiny. Osi will be on the shelve for yet another game - guy is a big disappointment this year.

in another football matter - James Harrison suspended yet again for another illegal hit. The guy is a thug and somewhere down the line someone should think about taking out his knees.

Crash said...

I saw the Harrison hit, it was nasty, he should be suspended. But so should the entire Browns medical staff for putting Colt McCoy back out on the field.

Coughlin hopes for Osi and Kenny Phillips to be back this week. Expects them to practice. Another source says Osi unlikely to play. Tuck is questionable for this week having an MRI on his toe/foot.

Former Yankee uber-prospect Andrew Brackman has agreed to a major league deal with the Cincinnati Reds.

Crash said...

Rich Hill, Hong-Chih Kuo, Aaron Laffey, Doug Slaten, and Jose Mijares are lefty relief guys that have been non-tendered. Wonder if Cash will look to this bargain bin to add to the bullpen. Mijares and Hill probably the top 2. Laffey got lit up when he was with the Yankees last season.

old professor said...

Mijares couldn't make it with the Tigers and if I am not wrong has significant control problems.

Laffey was released by the Yankees and I would not anticipate him coming back.

Glad to see Brackman was signed by a team that can be patient with him. Signing him to a major league contract may mean he will start the season in the majors. Possible another prospect that will make it outside of NY added to the list of Kennedy, Karstens, Clippard, Tabata, etc, etc, etc.

I am tired of seeing this team bring in young talent and then let another team reap the benefits.

Crash said...

I agree Old Prof. I think Brackman was just starting to come into his own. A lot of years invested in that kid, just to let him walk away is a little short sighted. Yankees weren't giving him a major league deal though even if they brought him back though.

SU basketball is ranked #1 in the country.

old professor said...

It will be interesting to see if the Yankees post on Darvish. There are some indications they will not post and would spend the money else where on a proven commodity. (Not sure what proven commodity is out there that they could bring in). I do have some concern that they are looking at Kuroda. The guy is 37 years old. His record was not bad and his ERA was decent - BUT there has to be some statistical realignment when you consider he pitched in the hitting starved NL West.

old professor said...

Remember the name of Jorge Vasquez. He was the last spring training cut last year. First baseman and utility third baseman that lost out to Eric Chavez. He is not on the 40 man roster. However, last year at SWB he hit 32 home runs. He is playing winter ball in the Mexican League and is leading the league in Home Runs, RBI and is second in hitting with a .352 average.

Yankees should seriously consider giving him a shot. The only thing working against him is he will turn 30 before the season. That would still put him as one of the youngest players on the team. Oh and he is a right handed hitter.

Crash said...

Billy Beane is asking for a boatload of high end prospects for Gio Gonzalez. The Tigers recently checked in Gonzalez's availability and Beane asked for their top pitching prospect and top 2 hitters. YIKES! If the Yankees are in on him I would guess that means Montero and 2 pitching prospects, like Noesi and either Betances or Banuelos. That is way too much when you consider the ceiling on Banuelos is higher than Gonzalez's.

The Red Sox inquired as well but I don't think the Red Sox have the farm depth after the A-Gon deal.

Crash said...

4pm is the Darvish deadline.

Nothing new on Cespedes.

Crash said...

Red Sox just made a trade with the Houston Astros. The Sox acquire former Yankee Mark Melancon sending jed Lowrie and Kyle Weiland to the Astros.

Red Sox had been working on a trade for Andrew Baily to close, as Paps has moved on the Philly and they are moving Bard to the rotation (a la Joba). I would guess this closes the talks for Bailey and Malencon is now the closer. He racked up 20 saves with an ERA under 3.00 and had a nice K rate.

I guess the Red Sox could always still sign Madson and use Melancon to setup.

old professor said...

Isn't amazing that a guy the Yankees thought would be the successor to Mo gets traded to Houston (because the Yankees gave up on him when he was 22. Now at age twenty-five he gets traded to the Yankees chief rivals and will probably be their closer.

Add his name to the list of Brackman, Karstens, Kennedy, Clippard. How many more arms are the Yankees going to develop for other organziations??

MId said...

I never know that Mark Melancon was considered to be the replacement of Mo - I've been way out of the loop - where did Brackmen go?

Crash said...

Brackman's contract expired and the Yankees let him walk. He signed a major league deal with the Reds last week.

Word is Yankees did in fact place a bid on Darvish very late in the process (last 2 hours), it is believed to be a very modest, conservative, low ball offer. The winning bid is supposed be very high as the Japanese team was "thrilled" with the high bid. No word on who won, many executives believe its Toronto.

old professor said...

The speculation is the winning bid has to come in at a minimum of $30million. The constant word out of the Yankees is they believed Darvish wants a 5 year 75 million dollar contract. They are not willing to spend 105 million on a non major league pitcher.

Toronto's action could be simply to block the Yankees and/or Red Sox from being in contention for Darvish.

What I did not realize is the team that wins the bid will get its money back and Darvish would go back to Japan if an agreement is not reached in 30 days. Odd there is this big rush because Darvish can be a free agent next season with no posting required.

I am not convinced the Yankees are interested in signing or trading for an established pitcher. I am getting the sense they are ready to rely on the farm system at least for pitching.

Crash said...

Red Sox didn't even place a bid on Darvish. Only about 6 teams actually placed bids. Nippon has until Tuesday to announce if they accept the bid. I saw something last night from Jayson Stark, I think, that MLB will release who was the high bidder today. But then saw a report that said MLB will NOT announce high bidder. Not sure why all the secrecy once the bidding is closed.

Ken Rosnethal is reporting the Yankees are contemplating a sign a trade for the Japanese shortstop Nakajima. Apparently Nakajima doesn't want to play for the Yankees as he won't be an everyday player. His US agent has asked the Yankees if they would consider that option so the player could still be in MLB. The Giants and Cubs both liked Nakajima. Wonder if Nakajima could be part of a package to bring back someone like Matt Garza or maybe Matt Cain???

old professor said...

Regarding the posting fee inforamtion. MLB is not allowed to release the teams or the amounts until the decision is made by the Japanese team. There is also conflicting information on the Japanese shortstop. He has been an everyday player and would prefer to continue that, BUT has indicated being a Yankee would be an honor and interestiing.

The Red Sox not posting (if in truth they didn't post ) would be a clear indication they are not over the Dice-K experience.

Al Leiter made an important point when asked about whether Darvish could be a top pitcher in the league. His comment was: while he has the delivery and size of an American pitcher, people have to remember the Japanese pitcher only pitches once a week. If Monday is his pitching day, he only pitches on Mondays not every fifth day as in the US. He indicated he believes Darvish "could" be a number 2 or 3 starter in a rotation.

Crash said...

The agent for Cespedes said the negotiations start at "Chapman money". Chapman's contract with the Reds was 6 years $30MM. At the price I can't see why the Yankees wouldn't be interested in him. Even if it doubled that's what the Yankees are paying Swisher this year. And Cespedes is 6 years younger than Swisher (if Cespedes age is accurately reported). If they passed on Darvish and all these other Free Agents, I think they make a serious play for this guy, but Cashman probably enters the bidding a little late and snags him...kind of like what he did with Teixeira.

old professor said...

If (and it is a big if), Cespedes is the real deal, then Chapman type money is reasonable.

Rumors are circulating that the Jays may have put a bid in along the range of 40-50 million which is absurd for someone who has never pitched in the majors. It is an attempt by the Jays to become relevent again. There attendance has been dropping off significantly over the past few years and they have dumped some very popular players (Holiday, Wells, Rios, etc).

Yankees seem to be having a very quiet winter. Don't be surprised to see them talk to the agent of Joe Saunders. Guy is a reliable lefty though he is still probably recovering from the death of his wife several months ago.

Crash said...

Multiple reports have the Blue Jays winning the bidding on Yu Darvish, no word on how much they actually bid.

Blue Jays, along with the Cardinals, are pursuing Carlos Beltran. Which is a little odd because the Blue Jays were also a front runner for Prince. I would assume Darvish and Beltran would remove them from the Prince conversation.

Red Sox didn't place a bid on Darvish but continue their pursuit of Joe Saunders. Tigers and Reds also in on Saunders.

Melancon "could be" the closer for the Sox according to GM Ben Cherington but they are still looking to trade for Andrew Baily or sign Ryan Maddson (closer to Bell $$ than Pappelbon $$).

As for the Yankees, typical of this offseason so far, no word on anything. Nothing forthcoming. I know Eric Chavez wanted to come back to the Yankees, but the potential signing of Nakajima may put that possibility in jeopardy. I thought Chavez was real good for the Yankees...with the exception of the 6 weeks he missed from breaking his foot.

Giants need a win against the 'Skins this weekend. I have no doubt they will destroy them. It shouldn't even be close. I have a did the Giants get Green Bay and New Orleans on their schedule when the Cowboys got St Louis and Tampa Bay? That doesn't quite seem to be balanced.

old professor said...

Crash regarding the NFL schedule, a lot has to do with the previous years results and previous strength of schedule.

Blue Jays must be dipping into the vault of Rogers Communication Corporation to be competitive for all of these Free Agents.

Crash said...

Reports are coming out, now that the Yankees did not land Darvish AND the A's asking price is too much for Gio Gonzalez (Montero, Banuelos, AND Betances), they will use Noesi strictly as a starter. Guess that means Hughes and Nova better bring it in spring training.

Crash said...

The Reds just officially screwed everyone else at trading for decent pitching. The Padres trade Matt Latos to the Reds for Volquez, Alonso, Grandal, and Boxberger. Volquez has ace stuff but needs to harness it. Alonso is widely considered the best hitting prospect in the minors. Grandal is only 22 and hit over .300 at AAA last year and Boxberger could be an 8th inning setup guy or a #3 starter right now. All this for Matt Latos who had 1 good year and can strike a bunch out.

That means Billy Bean can probably increase his asking price for Gio Gonzalez, as can the Braves for Jurjens, the Cubs for Garza, and the Rays for Shields or Davis. Walt Jockety made such a lopsided trade and he just set the market for every other team out there looking for pitching. Volquez and 1 B level prospect should have been enough for Latos and he gave up his top 2 prospects. UNREAL!

Crash said...

The Giants SUCK! They didn't even show up yesterday. Dropped passes, turnovers, the secondary again blowing coverage that allows for a TD. They don't deserve to be in the playoffs this year. Think about this...if the Jets beat the Giants, Giants beat the Cowboys, and the Eagles win out (at Dallas, Wash), it's the Eagles that win the division.

Nippon-Ham Fighters are expected to announce the winning bid for Darvish tonight around 8-9pm.

old professor said...

I don't know if the Padres got the best part of the trade.Latos is an individual with nothing but upside to him. The pit her the Reds gave up is one of those individuals that has never reached what was thought to be is potential. I cannot even see this as a rebuilding trade for the Padres.

You are right the giants suck.

Crash said...

The Padres definitely won this trade hands down. The Reds just sent 3 of their top 5 prospects over for 1 guy. And Latos on his best day is not Volquez on his best day. That is a long term loss. Reds clearly see the NL Central as a weakened division with Albert out and Prince of the Brewers and Braun likely sitting for 50 games. Even if the Cubs land Fielder they won't be a contender this year.

You know it is getting messy when TMZ reports on you. And that's what is happening in the Braun mess. The positive test is being reported as caused by prescribed meds for a "personal medical condition". No word on what that personal condition is. This sounds very much like the Manny defense. Vic Conte, former BALCO boss, however says Braun s dead in the water. He thinks he was using cream or patches to hit specific tissue for rehab purposes. He could test positive one day and clean the next with that type of administration. He also estimates that 40% of pro athletes still use something. He also stated the HGH is a poor choice because it's not a performance enhancer like other steroids.

MLB has to suspend Braun. End of story.

old professor said...

Regarding Braun, It depends upon what the medical condition was and the purpose behind the medication. I am startiing to believe that MLB will not suspend this guy.

Crash said...

Just an fyi, I read an article today how the Japanese baseball league changed to a regulation baseball last year. It's now the same size as the ball they use in the WBC and international events. I'm not certain if that's the same size as MLB though. The Japanese league was upset over the impact it had on his pitchers during the last WBC event.

Crash said...

Initially reported by Enrique Rojas, and passed along by Buster Olney, Cuban OF Cespedes has officially established residency in the Dominican Republic. This means his free agency can begin soon.

Crash said...

Looks like the Nationals are working on a trade for Gio Gonzalez. You have to assume that Zimmerman (either of them), Strausberg, and Harper are NOT in the deal. That being said I wonder if the Yankees would give up the equivalent in prospects. So no Nova, no Montero and no Banuelos. Would they do it if they still had to give up 4 prospects??? Not sure.

And by the way as much as I like Gio his numbers are not good at all against the AL East.

Crash said...

MLB announces Texas Rangers win bid for Yu Darvish with a record $51.7MM bid, besting Dice-K's $51.1 posting fee.

Kind of funny how the Rangers were willing to bid that much for , and probably pay another $75MM to sign him, but wouldn't offer that much to CJ. Think that says a lot about the type if player/pitcher/person CJ Wilson is, or at least the perception of such in the Ranger's organization.

old professor said...

The one thing Nolan Ryan does well is evaluate arms and if he were williing to let CJ Wilson go to the Angels, he is not worried about what that loss will mean to the team. In addition, I would guess the Rangers were planning to spend their money on the bidding process and not on Wilson (they have been successful but not so much so as to sign Wilson and put in a strong bid).

I am somewhat surprised the Yankees have not talked with Joe Saunders about coming to NY. He was not tendered by the Diamondbacks and is a serviceable lefty that would complement the rotation.

Crash said...

Saunders is exactly what they DON'T need. He's just another back of the rotation guy. Yankees have a bunch of them. Let him go to the Sox and watch the league pound him.

I think the Yankees will make a trade for Matt Garza or go into camp as is. Though Garza is just what the Yankees don't need too, he's AJ-lite. I can't see a fit trading wise anywhere else.

old professor said...

Crash, regarding Garza, keep things in perspective - he has pitched in the AL East and was successful.

I see nothing wrong with the rotation the Yankees will be looking at: CC will win 18-20, Burnett will win 10-12, Garcia will be consistent and give the team 12 Nova may slip so he goes to 15, Hughes wins 15 that gives you seventy wins. Bullpen and long relief picks up the rest of the slack.

Crash said...

And don't forget Noesi. Cashman and Girardi love him this year. I think if Hughes struggles early, he's in the pen and Noesi takes his spot.

Crash said...

Also Jack Curry stated that the Yankees bid for Darvish was around $20MM. They did not want to spend $100MM on player without MLB experience.

NY post reports teams have "kicked the tires" on acquiring AJ Burnett, but they want the Yankees to take on more than $8MM of his remaining $32MM. I think the Yankees would consider taking on more but it better mean a better player in return.

old professor said...

With the arms the Yankees have under contract and the ones that are in AAA, they won't need to hurry in a trade: Phelps has pitched well in the Arizona League, Banuelos appears to be a candidate for triple a though he has pitched well this winter, Betances is also on the cusp. Yankees have a lot of options to experiment with so go with the kids.

Crash said...

Looks like the White Sox have elected to keep Jon Danks...Just signed him to a 5 year $65MM extension.

old professor said...

Actually signing Danks may make it easier to trade him. There is no longer the risk of a team trading for him and having him for a year. In addition the contract will give teams the fiancial picture of what he will make for five years. The only hitch is whether there is a no trade clause in the contract.

This off season has been relegated to talking about the what ifs, what could have been and the excitement tied to movement toward signing two role players.

Spring training is only eight weeks away.

Crash said...

National League teams have really stepped up this year. Outside of the Angels signing Pujols and Wilson, all the noise has been NL teams so far. Marlins sign 3 big name players, the Reds and Padres make a big trade, the Rockies sign Michael Cuddyer, the Nationals acquire Gio Gonzalez from Oakland for boatload of players, and now Carlos Beltran signs with the Cardinals (2 years $26MM, full no trade clause).

Still some talk that the Nationals are in on Prince. Though I did see someone today say that Prince to Seattle is a "done deal". I believe that comment was more sarcasm than fact though given the source. I will go on record right here and now...if the Nationals sign Prince Fielder they will make the playoffs next season.

You have a rotation of Jordan Zimmerman, Strasburg, Gonzalez and Wang. Storen closing games, and a middle of the lineup of Ryan Zimmerman, Fielder, Harper, and Werth. WATCH OUT.

Apparently Billy Beane is done blowing up the A's as the Red Sox are closing in on acquiring Andrew Bailey.

Yankee rumors...a lot of teams have called regarding Nick Swisher, but Yankees asking price is too high as though don't have a viable replacement for him and he is viewed as a great value. All possible replacements would cost more than Swisher's current deal (see Beltran's deal).

Sources close to Yankees are saying they're chances of signing Cuban OF Cespedes are "slim to none".

Yankees were looking for a utility player, I always thought Mark DeRosa would be a great fit for the Yankees, but he's signing a 1 year deal with the Nationals.

Crash said...

Yankees were supposedly considering Kuroda last week for the rotation. Scratch him from the list as several Yankee insiders are stating his $12-$13MM price tag is beyond what the Yankees are willing to spend. I think they would like him closer to $10MM rather than $13MM. They might be able to get him at $9 or $10 if they go 2 years, but I don't think the Yankees are willing to do that either.

Crash said...

No Yankee news so let's talk NFL...

Drew Brees breaks Marino's record for most yards in a season. Brady will also pass Marino's mark this season if he can throw for 200 years in the final game. Rogers has an outside shot needing 400+ yards.

But can you name the QB after Brees, Brady, and Rogers for most passing yards? That's right Manning, no Peyton, ELI! Eli has passed for 4,587 yards this year. He has been having a great season, he should be mentioned in MVP talks because without him the Giants are no where. I'm not saying he deserves over Brees, Brady, or Rogers, those guys are having record book types of season. But Eli has been elite. If it wasn't for Gilbride's ridiculous play calling in the Red Zone Eli would have a bunch more TDs and probably a couple less INTs. That's the only bad thing on Eli, lately his INT rate is up (only bad thing, 16 INTs). His QB rating is over 90 (top 10 in the league), and his completion % is over 60%, and he's coming up on 30 TDs.

Giants beat Dallas and they're in the playoffs as the NFC East champs, they lose and they're out. Atlanta and Detroit already wrapped up the Wild Card spots for the NFC. Tuck is already running his mouth about how much he hates Dallas. I'm going out on a limb here, but I bet tensions will run a little high on Sunday.

We were discussing how the Giants may go after Steve Spagnuolo for the D-Coordinator position, if they fire Perry Fewell, they should the Giants defense has been terrible all season, and that's being very kind. ESPN is reporting that Spagnuolo is heading back to Philadelphia as the D-Coordinator after he's fired from the Rams job.

old professor said...

Interesting case coming out of Venzuela - The rangers backup catcher was suspended for the remainder of this season from the league and all of next year's winter season for punching an umpire in the face - great video of the exchange on sports.

Cannot believe the message from the Yankees - they cannot AFFORD the 12-13 million to sign Kuroda. Exactly who do they expect to sign for so much less??

Crash said...

Jon Heyman reporting that Carlos Beltran shopped his 2 year $26MM deal to the Yankees. He said if matched he would rather go there over St Louis. Yankees declined. The same scenario played out 7 years ago when Beltran last hit the free agent market.

Old Prof Cashman is dumpster diving like he did last year. If I had to guess the Yankees would be more than willing to take back Colon on a 1 year deal at $2-5MM if his arm strength has returned to the form of last year first half. Looking at the ,.list of available free agents, it's not all that impressive. Maybe they give Brandon Webb a try? After the Rangers over paid last year ($3MM), this guy would be lucky to get a major league deal, let alone an invite to spring training. He had his second rotator cuff surgery back in early August.

old professor said...

God the Yankees are dumpster diving. Never thought I would put that term with the Yankees. I have heard they are very interested in bringing Colon back, BUT under their terms not his. There does not appear to be a large market for this guy.

I still think Saunders would be a possible alternative for them to look at. However, it does look like they are finally serious about using the farm to fill their needs. Maybe they want to look at a deal to bring in Cespedes.

Crash said...

Rays and Phillies reportedly have interest in Posada. I hope he just hangs it up.

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