Friday, December 09, 2011

Winter Meeting Recap

The Winter Meetings have concluded and there was a ton of action, even more rumors, but not the action wasn't in the manner that was projected. It was everyone's expectation that these Winter Meetings would see a lot of trade action, not huge free agent signings...Boy were the wrong. Very little was heard from the Yankees or Red Sox, while usually tight pursed LA Angels and Miami Marlins made the biggest splash.

Mets send out Angel Pagan to the Giants and receive Andres Torres and Ramon Ramirez.
Blue Jays get closer Sergio Santos from Chicago White Sox for prospect Nestor Molina.
Twins dealt Kevin Slowey to the Rockies for a PTBN.
Rockies sent Huston Street to San Diego for a PTBN.
Rockies also sent Ian Stewart to the Cubs.
Orioles traded for Dana Eveland and in exchange sent Jarret Martin and Tyler Henson to the Dodgers.
The Red Sox are trying really hard to get Andrew Baily from the A's to close games but nothing has happened as of yet.
The A's Gio Gonzalez was drawing the interest of a ton of teams, but Billy Beane wants HUGE returns (1 MLB ready pitcher and 2 more MLB ready bats).

David Ortiz, Francisco Rodriguez, and Kelly Johnson accept arbitration from their respective teams.

Pujols, Wilson, and LaTroy Hawkins all sign with the Angels.
Buehrle, Bell, and Reys sign with the Marlins.
Aaron Harrang, Chris Capuano, and Jerry Harriston Jr sign with the Dodgers.
Erik Bedard signs with the Pirates.
Jon rauch and Frank Francsico sign with the Mets.
Lyle Overbay signed with D'backs
Octavio Dotel signed with the Tigers
Yankees with the rights to negotiate with Hiroyuki Nakajima.

Yu Darvish has posted and teams have until December 14th to bid. Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers, and Blue Jays are expected to be big bidders.

No word on the Cuban OF Cespedes.


Crash said...

I would like to point out 1 thing that absolutely killed me about the winter meetings. In 2009, the Yankees signed CC, AJ, and Tex for a combined $423MM. Everyone, fans, media, baseball execs, etc., were screaming that the Yankees were ruining baseball and proving the fallacies of the flawed economic system.

Yesterday, the Angels dolled out $331.5 for CJ and Pujols. And the Marlins spent $191MM on Reyes, Bell, and Buehrle.

Where is the outrage from everyone over the ungodly spending and the downfall of baseball economics. All I hear is how the Angels and Marlins stepped up and got great players and it's good for their fans. Nothing about these teams trying to "buy a championship".

Proving yet again baseball is anti-Yankee and hypocritical, at best.

Crash said...

Yankees have offered Hiroki Kuroda a 1year deal at $12MM.

Kuroda pitched for the Dodgers last season, was a prime trade target at the deadline, but he refused to waive his no trade rights. With the Dodgers signing Capuano and Harrang, it would appear going back to LA is not an option.

Kuroda is 37, pitching only the last 4 seasons in the he's sub.500 record, but an ERA in the mid 3's. Not bad, but not great for the NL West. I could see the interest if he was a lefty but this is a little puzzling to me.

Crash said...

Report of Yankees offering contract to Kuroda came from a Japanese news source...Bryan Hoch, Yankees beat writer, is stating no offer has been made to Kuroda.

Mid said...

I"d like to point out that when the Cards made their choice for manager and not selecting Pujols BFF Bench Coach that I said he was vulnerable.

Yanks should have opened the checkbook and if successful dropped Tex.

Pujols performs in the postseason and Tex (and A-Rod and a whole host of others)doesn't.

And not for nothing - the Cards GM should be fired - because he did not just lose the best offensive player in the league - he lost the BEST OFFENSIVE PLAYER of ALL TIME.

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