Sunday, December 04, 2011

GM Meetings Begin with a Bang!

The winter meetings in Dallas officially kickoff Monday morning, but as I write this it looks like the Marlins are making another big splash on the free agent market, landing Jose Reyes. The terms appear to be 6 years $106MM (AAV $17.67MM). The Marlins have already signed Heath Bell and are one of the 3 teams closing in on Mark Buehrle and still have an offer out there to Pujols. Buehrle also has the Nationals and Rangers very interested (it's believed those three teams have made offers to Buehrle). The only hold up with the Marlins apparently is the inclusion of a no trade clause, which they historically do not offer. The offer to Buehrle is rumored to be 3 years $52MM. These are not the only suitors for Buehrle, there are no less than 14 teams interested in the steady lefty.

To hear that the Rangers have are serious on Buehrle is a little surprising because I haven't seen anything that has them in on CJ Wilson. I think that should give the teams that are interested in Wilson some pause. And perhaps some have, as the Nationals have pulled their interest in Wilson. Marlins, Red Sox, and Angels are said to be interested in Wilson.

While Pujols is most likely heading back to St Louis, Prince Fielder is drawing interest from the Nationals, Blue Jays, and Mariners. I think the Mariners have to overspend to get him. Can you imagine the Blue Jays lineup with Bautista and Fielder...WOW!

How are the Nationals involved on every major free agent out there???

The Yankees are very quiet on the free agent front and I can't blame them. While I think Buehrle would fit in well with the rotation I don't think that is a price the Yankees were willing to pay. Yankees are really only interested in 2 potential free agents: Yoenis Cespedes & Yu Darvish.

Cespedes has 3 teams showing serious interest: Yankees, Tigers and Marlins. No word on when he is officially declared a free agent, but analysts are projecting $50MM to sign him. His natural position is CF but I have a suspicion that he would be a corner OF for the Yankees. If the Yankees are truly serious about getting this guy I would think they would want to get it sooner rather than later so they can then turn their OF surplus into a starting pitcher.

Yu Darvish will apparently be posted after the meetings but most likely before Christmas. The Yankees, Blue Jays, Nationals, and Red Sox are said to be the primary players. Ken Rosenthal says it's not certain that he posts early and could go to January, which will diminish his market because most of the teams will already spent their money, leaving only the Yankees and Red Sox to bid.

Bobby Valentine has a 2 year deal with team options for 2014 and 2015 in Boston. I think he's done in Boston after 2013 because that's when John Farrel's contract is up in Toronto. Unless Bobby V wins a Championship, which I don't see happening.

While some of the focus is on the free agent signings, these winter meetings will be all about the big blockbuster trades. An I think this where the Yankees make deal for a big time starting pitcher. If I'm the Yankees I'm hoping Fielder signs this week anywhere other than Seattle, then I try (again) to get Felix Hernandez. If not I'm calling Brian Sabean, who is good friends with Cahsman, and try to get a deal done for Lincecum or Matt Cain. Both are going to become very expensive in the next season or two. The Giants need offense in a big way and are looking for a SS and OF help...I'm thinking Nova or Hughes, Swisher and Nunez for one of those guys mentioned. Lincecum is trying to get extended in SF now, he recently turned down a 4 year deal because he's looking for 8 years. But he's also comfortable taking a 2 year deal.

I think the Yankees will deal a starter this off season. They sent Hector Noesi to the Dominican Winter League to stretch him out again after being stuck in the pen for much of the second half last year. Noesi dominated the league going 3-1 with 2.22 ERA over 28 1/3 innings. He reportedly was hitting 97mph on the gun. I know everyone was in love with Nova this past year, but keep in mind he was actually projected to have a lower ceiling than Noesi, Betances, and Banuelos. He may be at his peak now.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Manny Ramirez has applied for reinstatement and would serve a 50 game suspension. He's a joke and I can't see anyone even offering this guy a minor league deal. I saw one report that already had 17 teams officially not interested in Manny. I think he plays Independent ball this year.

Non-Baseball news...the Giants lost that game plain and simple. The Giants secondary is absolutely terrible. The Packers score on a blown coverage play leaving Driver open in the end zone, then they drive 60+ yards in under a minute to put them in FG position. They were well within FG range after 2 plays. And the penalty for illegal contact was ridiculous. That turns into a 42 yard swing as the Packers went from 4th and 21 to an automatic first day then on that next play get 16 yards. Giants should have won that game and did everything possible not too. Only good thing is Dallas also loss and they got 2 games with Big-D left. The Giants need to take both games to get the division.


old professor said...

Just a few comments on your post: first the amount the Marlins paid for Reyes is absolutely crazy. He will spend some time on the DL and not be very productive. Then the question has to be asked where does Hanley Ramerez get moved to?

As for Noesi, the Yankees are high on him - he actually projected higher on the prospect list than Nova. Noesi, Nova, CC, Burnett, Garcia, and Hughes gives the Yankees six starters again. So someone gets dealt or moves to the pen and it also means a delay in seeing Betances or Banuelos.

Cespedas will be signed by the Yankees and become a corner outfielder/4th outfielder. The team also is looking for a righthanded bat to come off of the bench.

Crash said...

I think the Reyes signing is a good sign for the Marlins, IF, he can stay healthy. They had to overpay a little (a little being about $15MM) but that's what they will have to do in order to contend next year. The team has already had discussions with Hanley Ramirez and he will be moving to 3B. And the Marlins are not done they have another meeting with Pujols's agent scheduled for Tuesday or Wednesday.

Old Prof I agree that Noesi being in the rotation means someone will get dealt and it does impede the possibility of Betances and/or Banuelos making the rotation. I think both of those guys are still a year away. Betances still has command issues and Banuelos is only 20. They both had limited experience at AAA, Betances only had 21 innings and Banuelos only had 34 innings at AAA S-WB last year (another 95 at Trenton). I think the Yankees would like to see them both start at AAA and if they can be successful, probably logging 150+ innings, they get a realistic shot spring 2013.

I have to think the Yankees are growing tired of waiting for Hughes to deliver on his promise. He needs to have a decent year or he's a trade chip or put in the pen probably the closers role if/when Mo leaves next year.

I get constant updates on the meetings, so if I see something come across of importance I will post it up.

Crash said...

A couple articles in the NY Post indicate that teams have been and will continue to check in on availability of Swisher, Gardner, and Hughes.

Also the Post says Yankees want to trim payroll to under $189MM for 2014 because that is the luxury tax threshold under the this new CBA. It will be quite possible as by that time a number of large contracts expire: AJ, Jeter, Mo, Jorge is already gone, Cano (but you have to assume they sign him long term)Soriano, Swisher (done this year), and Granderson. The only players really under contract would be CC, Alex, and Tex (those 3 will earn $70MM in 2014).

It's this $189MM that is playing a part in the Yankees spending practices now and one of the reasons they're not persuing the likes of CJ Wilson and Mark Buehrle.

Crash said...

Nationals being viewed as HEAVY FAVORITE to land Wilson or Buehrle. And are discussing internally mega offers to Pujols and Fielder.

This absolutely blows my mind. I would think the Nationals would need to go 10 years $30MM to land Pujols.

Crash said...

Ron Santo makes the Hall of Fame from the veterans committee. Why do they always let these guys in after they pass away. Shame he's not here to enjoy this day.

12 votes were needed to get in. Santo got 15 of 16. Jim Kaat only got 10 so he narrowly missed the HOF. Gil Hodges and Minny Minoso receive 9, and Tony Oliva 8. Tiant wasn't even close.

old professor said...

There is no way the Yankees will be able to hit the 189 million threshold. Cano's contract may be expiring next year, but at his age and the way is producing, I predict a long term deal that will dwarf Reyes contract.

Hughes apparently is getting in shape. Apparently, he let his conditioning slip significantly coming into last season (as did Texiera).

Swisher's contract will be gone, but be prepared for the Cuban to step in a play the corner at big dollars. Gardner is not going to be traded. He is a rare commodity and probably the best defensive outfielder in the game. In addition he stole 46+ bases last year. You won't find an easy replacement.

Crash said...

Well if the Yankees sign Cespedes, he's suppose to be a plus OF and has speed, maybe not 50 steals but 25-30. So Gardner becomes expendable.

Red Sox are getting interest on the trade front for Jed Lowrie, they could use this to bolster their bullpen. My observation, this may be as a result of the Yankees seemingly unwillingness to trade Nunez (or at least their high asking price for him).

Orioles say they are interested in Prince.

Cashman isn't even at the meetings yet. Scheduled to arrive about 4pm.

Crash said...

Marlins have moved up their meeting with Pujols's agent to this afternoon. This after the Cubs met with him. I think it's interesting the Cardinals have not increased their offer because they have been the best offer on the table. Now with other teams seriously in the hunt you have to believe that their window with Albert may be closing.

Eric Chavez is interested in returning to the Yankees next year.

old professor said...

Pujols has the Cardinal offer in hand which he can weigh against all other offers. He will soon realize that the large market teams that normally drive free agency frency are not in the mix for him or Prince Fielder. Bottom line he doesn't fit in NY, he doesn't fit in Boston and Philly can no longer afford big contracts even though they need a first baseman next year with Howard being on the self indefinately from an achilles tendon tear.

All that being said he can go back to St. Louis and ride the glory of this year's championship or go to Florida where they could be a long way from a championship (I am not sold on their pitching) or to Washington which has been a cellar dweller. (Which is where the Muts will be this year).

I also think that the Hall of Fame got it wrong by not including Kaat or Minoso. They are holding Kaat's longevity against him - 285 wins over 25 year career. Minoso is the only player to play and hit in five decades and probably was one of the best hitters of all time.

Crash said...

Yankees have had discussions with the White Sox for John Danks. Kenny Williams asked for Montero and Banuelos. To be honest I wouldn't include both of those 2 in a package for King Felix. I even think Montero for Danks is too much. I see Danks as a guy that never realized his potential and might be in the class of 'what you see is what you get'. Danks is sub-.500 pitcher, doesn't strikeout people and gives up hits. But he doesn't walk a lot of batters and doesn't give up the long ball.

Crash said...

CJ Wilson has a 6 year offer from someone. No word on $$ though. Have to be honest I am shocked and if I were him I would take it. No one will match that length.

Crash said...

Buehrle has multiple offers all in the 3 years $36-39MM.

Crash said...

Rumor is Angels have made CJ Wilson the big offer. He could be in LA by Wednesday.

Crash said...

Cashman has arrived at Meetings.

Red Sox "are in" on CJ.

Mid said...

Non Baseball Comment:

The BCS is a sham!!!! LSU/Alabama should not be the match - if you can't win your conference than you can't be the Nat'l champion plain and simple.

------Tough Loss for the G-Men, kind of like the '07 game with Pats, only difference, and it is a big one that they already had a playoff spot sewn up.

Bottomline - Giants win and they're in.

How Does Jason Garret still have a job????????

Crash said...

Marlins offer Albert Pujols 10 years. Twins sign Matt Capps. Tigers are trying to trade for Met's Dan Murphy.

No Yankee news yet to report. Cashman seems very sure that Noesi is going to be an impact pitcher this season. I have to agree. But that still means you have 6 starters for 5 spots with about half a dozen young guys that could be ready in spring. All of sudden young pitching is the Yankees strength.

Mid I agree with Alabama not deserving a shot at the BCS Title. It should be OSU. However, I think LSU will destroy OSU, Alabama will give LSU the best challenge.

As long as I am a Giant fan you will not hear me complain about Jason Garrett being the head coach of the Cowboys, especially when he ices his own kicker with a time out.

old professor said...

Oh so much to write and not a lot of time so here goes. Regarding Wilson and Buerle. Neither are on the Yankees radar. The team is looking at the new CBA and what will happen with the luxury tax in 2014. Yankees want their payroll at around 189 million by then. Long term deals for Buerle and Wilson don't seem to fit into what the team is trying to do. Neither projects beyond a number 3 in the rotation so why pay the big dollars to bring them in?

As usual teams that talk to the Yankees want to rip them off by taking the top prospects for marginal expensive over the hill players. Montero, Betances, Banuelos and probably Romine are untouchables.

It now appears the Yankees will bring back Colon, Chavez and maybe Andruw Jones, but they are in no hurry to do so.

Interesting article on Cody Ross will not accept a one-year deal from the Giants wants at least two. If he cannot find any takers, he would take a one year from a contender.

Giants game against the Packers was a awful from the context of officiating. Playing eleven on eleven is tough enough but put the refs into the mix to blow touchdown calls, make phantom penalty calls at critical times and you cannot win. It would appear the officials will do what is necessary to see the Packers finish undefeated.

Crash said...

One other thing about the Giants. During the game I sent Mid an email saying how I have never seen the refs call a game any more one sided than that game. Every time Rodgers would scramble there was a Giant d-linemen on the ground from a hold without a call, but a flag is thrown for illegal contact for touching a receiver after 5 yards when the guy is easily 20 yards from the play. Even on replay challenges it seemed the refs didn't review the footage. The Driver TD wasn't a TD, the Ballard catch that was ruled out of bounds incomplete was actually a TD. There's a nice pic of the TD that wasn't called right in the NY Post.

Crash said...

Old prof we were posting at the same time...couldn't agree more. Terrible officiating in that game. I swear the refs must of had a memo from Goodell that the Packers need to leave NJ undefeated.

old professor said...

Apparently there is a problem with Hanley R in Miami. Originally there were reports out of Miami that he was willing to change positions if the team signed Reyes. Not so fast -apparentlyvtheyvdid not check with him because he has indicated he is not on board with changin positions.

Sounds as if he will push for a trade. Vthe team could meet several of their needs by trading him. Guy has talent from God.
, but brains from Manny.

Crash said...

I have not seen or heard any reports saying Hanley is upset and won't move. In fact he has known about this possibility for weeks, and was even approached in July about a possible position move then.

The knock on Hanley is that he's an immature selfish player. That's one of the reasons the Sox were ok sending him to Florida. I think the kid could be ok if it was a strong clubhouse with many veteran leaders to show him the way. Unfortunately I don't think there's a clubhouse like that right now. He might be ok in Boston under Valentine and with guys like Pedrioa, Yukilis, and A-Gon...but those guys were there for beer 'n chicken. I think Hanley will move to 3B. Ozzie Guillien will talk him off the ledge. If Jorge was still in the Yankee clubhouse I would say that would be a good fit, but not now. I would trade for him and stick him in the OF. Hanley makes Jeter look like a gold glover.

Crash said...

White Sox trade their closer Sergio Santos to the Blue Jays for a minor leaguer (A-level starter). I know the White Sox have been trying to unload Matt Thornton as well going back to the last years trade deadline. Hard throwing lefty reliever and they can't unload him...something isn't right there.

Crash said...

And some are saying Pujols deal could be done in 24 hours.

Crash said...

Giants are not listening to any trade offers for Tim Lincecum, even after word got out about extension talks not going well.

Rangers will make an offer to CJ Wilson this afternoon.

Brewers met with Jimmy Rollins after talks with the Phillies hit a snag and didn't go well. Phillies are prepared to trade Palanco if Rollins doesn't re-sign.

The Japanese shortstop (the one the Yankees were supposedly interested in) will announce the winning bidder this afternoon and have 30 days to sign him.

old professor said...

The report on Hanley not being happy came from MLB Hot Stove last night. Which then led Harold Reynolds to say that the with all of the talent the kid has he should be the shortstop and if he can't be then he should be traded. Ozzie being Ozzie has come out and said the Marlins are Hanley's Team. Obviously there is a communication issue somewhere in the organization.

Did the Yankees post a bid on the Japanese Shortstop??

Crash said...

Mariners are front runner for Fielder. Brewers, Cubs, and Jays all offering shorter term deals.

Marlins REFUSE to give no trade on Reyes, Buehrle, and Pujols. So if $$ doesn't flow like water in Miami they're all gone.

Buehrle is down to 5 teams: Marlins, Nationals, Angels, Rangers, and "mystery team".

Former Yankee Dustin Mosley is a possible non-tender candidate for Padres. Mosley went 3-10 with a 3.30 ERA...with only 3 W's and a nice low ERA he's a victim of no run support.

To my knowledge the Yankees have NOT placed a bid for the Japanese SS. Cashman hasn't said anything definitive either way, but giving their unwillingness to spend $$, I can't see them spending millions on a posting fee and contract. And I would think if they were going to spend $$ it would be on either Darvish or Cespedes (or both). Not a mid level SS.

Crash said...

Mets and Giants working on a trade. Angel Pagan for Andres Torres and Ramon Ramirez.

Angels are getting trade offers for Ervine Santana in anticipation of the CJ Wilson deal.

Marlins have told Pujols they want an answer tonight. A "mystery" third team has entered late into the Pujols sweepstakes.

Mets also agree to terms with closer Frankie Francsico.

I have a trade proposal. If the Marlins have to tase Hanly Ramirez , they need someone to play 3B, the METS need a SS...that's right Hanly for Wright. The contracts are essentially a wash from a $$ perspective, Hanly is owed 1 more year, but that's it. It almost makes too much sense. The Mets could trade Hanly if they still want/need prospects.

Crash said...

The Angels are the mystery team in on Pujols!

Crash said...
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old professor said...

Mets also sign Jon Raush to a one year deal. Bullpen now seems to be set. Big hole in center field. They trade Pagan for a 34 year old who hit 221 last year - doesn't make sense unless he was a throw in with Ramirez.

Yankees still quiet at the meetings. I don't believe there will be anything to make fans cheer unless it is a real surprising trade that has been kept under wraps and very quiet.

The Yankees will enter the Spring with pretty much the same team they closed the season with. I do not see them bringing back Ayala even if he was somewhat effective. Would not be surprised to see some of the minor relief spots in the pen go to some of the young arms (e.g. Kontos, Phelps,etc). Also would not be surprised to see the team sign Jeff Francis. Relief lefty who could be serviceable in spots.

Ortiz accepts Red Sox arbitration offer. No room for jason V. or Wakefield.

Crash said...

The Marlins offer to Pujols is 10 years at $220MM with money deferred. The Cardinals met with his agent last night and finally increased their offer...a couple of different reports as to what it is though. One says "near $220", while Jon Heyman is saying 9 years at $200MM. I think the Cardinals are under the impression that if money is close then he will come back to St. Louis. I think Pujols has some animosity toward them for the way these negotiations played out. I think the Cardinals need to exceed the Marlins offer. Maybe a no trade clause and no deferred $$ would do that.

Also there is talk of a MEGA BLOCKBUSTER trade coming. Talking a 5 for 3 or 6 for 2 player swap. This was sent by Buster Olny, but he couldn't discuss teams or players yet because it was an "off the record" conversation.

Interesting to hear Brain Cashman said Montero is not supplanting Martin at catcher but the DH spot is his for the taking. Just last spring Cashman was saying we don't want to waste his talent at DH, that it would the last place he played. C, 1B, and RF were all options but not DH. Funny how things change. Do you think the Yankees would be willing to trade Romine with Sanchez at least 2 or 3 years away. I know Cash likes Russell Martin and Martin is still young, he's only 28-29 years old. After this year they could sign him to a 3 year deal and wait for Sanchez. Sanchez while having troubles with maturity, is the Yankees top Catching prospect and is suppose to be able to hit and play the position.

Crash said...

I'm getting tired of teams trying to hold the Yankees for ransom on trade demands. Earlier I posted about a ridiculous demand from the White Sox for Jon Danks. I know the Yankees at least had preliminary talks with the A's for Gio Gonzalez. But Billy Beane was asking for Montero and 2 top pitching prospects.

Now the A's are in talks with the Phillies for a Gio Gonzalez for Dominic Brown trade. This to me makes no sense at all. Montero is a much better prospect than Brown and actually is a better defensively. Just yesterday Charlie Manual was complaining how Brown has holes in his swing and at times can get real long, but he really needs to work on his defense because it's just not at a major league level.

It's just clear teams are willing to make a worse deal talent wise, just to not deal a young star player to the Yankees.

Also Lozano (Agent for Pujols) is currently meeting with St Louis, looks like deal is being finalized this morning and Pujols remains a Cardinal. Thought is if Pujols declines Marlins offer, they make some offer to Prince.

Crash said...

Rockies and Padres are in trade talks...Padres need a closer and Rockies looking to deal Huston Street.

Crash said...

NY Post report Yankees are shopping AJ Burnett and are willing to eat $8MM of the $33MM owed to him. Given the current market I think that is a fair price for AJ, it makes him more affordable than CJ or Buehrle. For the right package I'm sure the Yankees would take on a little bit more.

Crash said...

Marlins feel Albert will sign with Cardinals, so they increase their offer to CJ Wilson to 6 years.

Crash said...

Yankees not only bid on, they won the right to negotiate with Japanese SS Hiroyuki Nakajima. The posting bid was $2MM. They have 30 days to negotiate a contract. They view him as a utility player.

old professor said...

If the Yankees sign the Japanese shortstop, then Pena or Nunez becomes expendable.

Don't expect AJ to go anywhere. Realistically the guy still won more than 10 games last year and threw over 150 innings - what more do you expect out of what has become a number three in the rotation?

old professor said...

Okay here is a statement regarding Gio Gonzalez - he is not in the same category as Cliff Lee and never will be. Some say he has yet to reach his potential, but at 28 and having pitched for three years in the majors should be there. Montero is too stiff of a price to pay for Gonazlez. As usual teams always approach the Yankees and take less from other teams. Witness last year Seattle asking for Montero, Nunez and one of the two Bs. They settle on a trade with Texas for a prospect Jason Smoak - who flamed out last year.

Yankees need to tell teams to go crap in a hat.

Crash said...

And to Cashman's credit he has done just that.

It now looks like CJ Wilson will be heading back to Texas.

Crash said...

Hanley Ramirez has asked Miami to restructure his deal...Miami says no, and will begin looking to trade him. I still think the Mets make sense for the Marlins.

Marlins have big offers out to Wilson and Buehrle and will sign whoever says yes first.

Marlins are upset that indications are pointing to Pujols staying in STL, though their offer is still on the table.

buster Olny says, if they do trade Hanley, they will look to sign Prince...which I don't understand why don't they take the $$ from Pujols and put it toward Prince...

Crash said...

Official News: Buehrle agrees to 4 Years $58MM with Miami.

Crash said...

CJ Wilson is expected to sign with the SAngels this morning. he actually showed up at the meetings last night.

A Pujols decision is NOT expected at the meetings, the only thing known for sure, he notified the Marlins they are out. Angels, Cardinals and a mystery team are still in.

Yu Darvis will be posted today. Yankees,Blue Jays, and Rangers expected to be big bidders. In a related note, the Yankees are not expecting to sign the other Japanese player they won the bid on. And 2 or 3 other Japanese players didn't even receive bids.

old professor said...

Cashman sounded serious about signing the Japanese player. They are looking at him as an infield backup to third, ss and second. Indications are he can hit but his fielding is a little bit suspect. The other issue is he is 29 and will be thirty before the season ends. Why bother signing an older less polished player.

It also appears Cashman is hamstrung by financial decisions. He has indicated the free agent pitchers are not within the financial constraints of the team - how often have you ever heard that coming from the Yankees?

Crash said...

The Yankees are looking to trade the rights to sign Japanese SS Hiroyuki Nakajima. So far no takers.

Yankees have also emphatically denied they are the "mystery team" in the Pujols negotiations.

The Cubs have reportedly made an offer to Pujols. It's believed it was a much shorter deal but with a much higher AAV. Some are speculating 5 years $150MM. This type of offer is in line with Theo's history. He doesn't like signing players long term beyond the age of 35.

David Ortiz accepts arbitration from the Sox. K-Rod accepts arbitration from the Brewers. This is clearly K-Rod taking the money because he complained last year he wasn't happy setting up for Axford in the Brewers pen. So he needs to suck it up or the Brewers need to trade him. Lastly, Adam Kennedy accepts arbitration from the Blue Jays. Those were the only 3 players to accept arb.

Darvish is expected to be pricey...more than Dice-K, if I recall his posting fee was $51MM, and then it was a 6 year deal for $52MM. I can't see the posting fee going that high just because it's a huge gamble that hasn't paid out in the past. I can't even come up with a figure for his contract, maybe 5 or 6 years at $10MM per, with bonuses for CY Young, MVP, etc. How do you invest so much in an unproven player?

Crash said...

Pujols to the Angels is a done deal. I can't find specific terms other than he will be the highest paid 1B, formally that was Ryan Howard at $25MM AAV, so I'm guessing 10 years $255-260MM. There are no-opt out clauses for Pujols. The Angels weren't even in on Pujols until 48 hours ago. Cardinals refused to go to 10 years.

Not sure how or if this impacts the Angels and CJ Wilson, Ken Rosenthal says the Angels want both Pujols and Wilson...we'll wait and see. Marlins still have a 6 year $80MM deal on the table for Wilson. The Angels offer is believed to be 5 years $80MM.

And in even bigger news...the Yankees select Brad Meyers from the Nationals in the Rule 5 Draft.

old professor said...

The deal for Pujols is obscene. Ten years and 250-260 million. It is obvious the guy realized that in the later years of any contract he was going to have to be a DH. Angels are spendiing like there is no tomorrow. They are still in the mix for CJ Wilson as well.

Who the hell is Brad Meyers?? By taking him the Yankees have to have him on the 25 man roster or return him plus 25k to the Nationals. Okay here is the information on this guy he went to Loyala Marymount pitched at three levels of minor leagues and last year was 6-5 at Syracuse with an ERA under 4. He is 6'6" and is right handed (sounds like a remake of Andrew Brackman) oh and he is 26 years old. His stats don't stand out so I can't figure what the deal is. Is this how they hope to fill out their rotation?

Crash said...

Wilson to Angels is a done deal 5 years $75MM.

old professor said...

LA must be a good place to play last year the Angels wrap up Jarrod Weaver with a hometown discount. Now, they sign Wilson for fewer years and less money than what the Marlins offered him. Texas must feel somewhat jilted they lose Wilson and never were considered by Pujols. Maybe their run is over.

Crash said...

Wilson's deal is 5 years at 77.5MM. The Marlins were 6 years $98MM, I'm not sure what the Rangers offer was but I do know it was only for 4 years.

I have to say in both case, the Cardinals and Rangers, if they were truly interested in these players they totally blew these negotiations. Especially the Cardinals, they should have wrapped up Pujols the same time they re-signed Matt Holliday. Instead both of these teams wanted to play games, call bluffs, and they lost. And in the Cardinals, they lost the best player in the game over the last 10 years, the face of their franchise, a no-doubt Hall of Famer, and the only reason to come to the ballpark. People are not buying tickets for Matt Holliday. They go to see Albert. St. Louis will finish in 4th place after the Cubs and just ahead of the Astros.

Crash said...

Buster Olny says Yankees may not bid on Darvish. Interest is "lukewarm"...very similar to interest they had for CJ Wilson.

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