Saturday, February 04, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

On the eve of Super Sunday here are my predictions:

1) Giants start out with a lot of momentum, crushing Pat's O, and scoring at least 2 TDs and an FG

2) Patriots make it close by half

3) Madonna shows Gaga how it's done

4) Pats take lead by Q3

5) The former Mrs. Cashman takes Mr. Cashman to the cleaners

6) G-Men take the lead late in the 4th

7) Eli gets Tebow like coverage on his chances for the HOF

8) Brady retires


Crash said...

Yeah the soon-to-be-ex-mrs Cash is going to the bank. What I don't understand is why all these rich guys cheat. They have to understand it in terms of business. Having an affair is just a bad financial move. No piece of tail is worth half of multi-millions. Dumb ass. At least this hasn't effected his work performance, while all this stuff was going down, Cash was making some real smart acquisitions.

I can't wait for this football game.

old professor said...

You were close on some of your predictions regarding the game. Pats had the lead at the end of the first half and increased it by scoring on their first drive of the second half. Giants did score late to seal the victory.

it may be time to start talking Coughlin for the Football Hall of Fame. Rationale: Marv Levy is in and if you look at the wins and winning percentage they are almost identical and Coughlin did it in one less season (to this point). Oh and Coughlin now has two super bowl rings to Levy's zero.

Interesting list of free agents left unsigned: Oswald, Damon, Lee, Ibanez, Gerrraro, and Nady.

Nady is interesting in that he is a switch-hitter and can still play the outfield. Played briefly for the Yankees - maybe they can bring him in to fill dh and part-time outfield.

Crash said...

Yankees are "in heavy discussions" with Raul Ibanez. Ibanez said to be willing to take less money from Yankees than he could get on the open market. Really wants to play for them. I think it is a real good fit he could hit .290 with 30 HR from the left side in Yankee Stadium.

old professor said...

Crash, Yankees still thinking, Damon, Matsui or Ibanez. Damon is defensively challenged, Matsui has bad wheels (though he did play some outfield for the A's)and Ibanez is 40. Sad commentary that the Yankees are looking at senior citizens for their dh. Still believe Nady may be the better option (younger, can play the outfield and is a switch-hitter).

Crash said...

The prospect Campos that came over in the Montero-Pineda deal, is rated as the #5 prospect in the organization behind only Banuelos, Betances, Sanchez, and Mason Williams. He's rated higher than names we have been hearing for a little while now like Romine, Heathcott, Dante Jr, and Adam Warren. Not bad if he continues to develop.

DVR'd the Giants parade, wish I was down there. I will be at a Yankees parade one of these times.

old professor said...

Funny you mention the Yankee prospects. Have not heard a great deal on the Heathcott. Have not followed his development. I know when they signed him he was highly touted, but seems to have been bypassed by others in the organization.

Looking forward to the start of spring training. The Yesnetwork will get back to broadcasting serious stuff.

Regarding Ibanez, I still think that Chavez would be better for the team or even Nady for that matter. Part of my rationale is the team let a long time icon of the team in Posada go because he had reached a point where he was viewed as to old and no longer productive. In reality I think he is slightly younger than Ibanez and was the heart of the organization. Why get rid of one forty year old and sign another? Opps sorry forgot you are now forty.

Crash said...

All the talk on DH, Jon Heyman is still saying the Yankees have only $2MM max but would like to stay closer to $1MM on the DH spot. That would indicate Cashman needs to trade someone. And given what Edwin Jackson signed for ($5MM) they need to be prepared to eat a lot more of AJ's contract than they initially thought.

Also saw Yankees are still interested in Chavez. I think that's a good fit too. I liked his time with Yankees last year.

Crash said...

Yankees sign Russell Branyan???

Crash said...

Also misspoke about E-Jax contract, looks like its 1 year at $11mm. Pittsburgh has inquired on AJ, that's interesting...maybe they could get Karstens back.

old professor said...

Yankees have had a strange off season with offering and signing individuals to minor league contracts: Russell Branyon, Dwayne Wise, Okijimas, DeCarmen, Hall. They seem to be concentrating on filling up the minor leagues with over the hill major leagues - all of whom will become free agents again as of May 1st.

I don't get it. If these guys start at triple a, they will take time away from the younger minor leaguers who have to develop. They also signed a guy who is young and has only pitched in the Dominican Winter league for the last two years.

Crash said...

I think Cashman has one more big move up his sleeve. That's going to be dumping AJ or trading Hughes for a decent bat. If AJ is moved then you see Cash sign Ibanez and Chavez. Not sure what Hughes would bring back.

old professor said...

I don't see the Yankees moving Hughes. There is too much upside to this kid. He is still very young, has proven he can pitch whether it is from the pen or in the rotation. I believe last year was an adnormal year for him. He was coming off of a hugh year and came to camp out of shape and under the impression he had nothing more to prove the result being an out of shape pitcher who got hurt. By is own words and actions that has changed: he has been working out regularly in California had has indicated he believes he is running out of chances with the Yankees and this is his make or break year.

AJ is a head case that will never be more than a 500 pitcher. The Yankees could eat a larger portion of his contract.

However, analysists have insisted to be successful, the Yankees are going to have to have seven or eight starting pitchers because someone is goiing to wear down or get hurt. Don't be surprised to see Penieda's innings limited.

There is still an indication the Yankees are very interested in bringing Chavez back and still signing a left-handed DH. I still hold out hope that Jorge Vazquez will pan out for them. He put up big numbers at SWB(35 homeruns) did strike out a lot (maybe he turns out to be a younger right handed hitting Russell Branyon.

I would love to figure out a way to get to see some of the spring training games in Tampa.

old professor said...

The indications are the Pirates want the Yankees to pick up about $20 million of AJ's salary. I don't see that happening unless the Pirates are willing to part with their top outfield prospect.

Still do not believe the Yankees will move Hughes. They have made foolish mistakes in the past - e.g. trading Kennedy, Tabata,Karstens (had to include him for Mid) and Clippard. They will probably regret trading Montero and Noesi (the only saving grass is they apparently got quality for quality).

The days of the Yankees trading young quality arms may finally be over.

Crash said...

I like the Jones for Burnett trade. I wouldn't pick up $20MM though. I would top out at maybe $12-$15MM. If they get Jones though, there would be no need for Chavez and/or Ibanez.

I would trade Hughes to Pittsburgh for Andrew McHutchins.

old professor said...

Crash, if you make the trade with Pittsburgh with Hughes that you mention that brings in a talented centerfielder - what do you do with Granderson and his 34 homeruns. He doesn't have the arm to play rightfield. If he had the arm, you could make Swisher the full-time DH. In addition there would be no need for a fourth outfielder (Andruw Jones).

I am not sure why they would want Jones other than to plan for the future. Which if you consider the future, they have an outfielder that eventually be lights out in three years.

Crash said...

YES host Bob Lorenz arrested for DUI. Police found him passed out over the wheel of his car.


Crash said...

"Framework" for AJ deal in place with Pittsburgh. No players or $ finalized, but it looks like it might get done before spring training.

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