Sunday, April 08, 2012

Fire Girardi

There I said - 3 games in, I'm of the mindset that if the Yanks are serious about 2012, then they should fire Girardi right now, and replace him with Tony Pena.

Girardi was over-managed in game 1 for the sake of looking like he was managing. Ordering two of the games most dominant pitchers to IBB average at best hitters only to put them in a no room for error situation??!!! Anybody who knows pitching, knows that IBBs are a blow psychologically and physically to pitchers (for those not in the know it says 1) you don't have confidence to get them out, and 2) it is hard to find the strike zone after that). Yet Girardi opted to do it to his two best.

Seriously, if you look at Girardi's body of work, there's no reason to keep him. In '09, the Yanks won the title in spite of, not because of Girardi - it was Pena who lit the fuse.

The team was flat in opening weekend - let's see if Nova can stop the slide.


Crash said...

While I agree Girardi over managed the game lets not forget that Carlos Pena had a monster series. He owns the Yankees.

Girardi cost the team the game in game 2 as well. In just the second game of the season he decides to DH Jeter to give his legs a rest and starts NunEz at SS. All it took was the first routine grounder to Nunez and he bobbles it. That seemed to unnerve Kuroda, leading to 2 unearned runs in the first inning.

Hughes had the best pitching performance of the weekend for the Yankees...kind of sad when you think he only made it through 4 2/3 innings. He has to get that pitch count under control early. No need to be close to 100 pitches heading into the 4th inning.

Yankees will get on track soon. A-Rod always seems to like hitting against Baltimore...while Teixeira usually struggles.

Crash said...

Pettitte gets his first start of the spring tonight for the Tampa Yankees going against Clearwater.

Crash said...

Sounds like Pettitte's start last night went well. He went 3 innings threw 32 pitches, 26 for strikes. Said his legs felt good. Next start should increase the pitch count to about 50.

Yankees finally get in the win column. Go figure the guy who had the worst spring is the one that gets them a W. Nova only allowed 2 runs over 7 innings. He did give up 10 hits though, walking none with 7 Ks. What concerns me about the 10 hits, 7 of them were extra bases (6 2B and 1 HR). Jeter went 4-4 and is really off to a fast start. I think he's on a mission this year.

bvcxfdzb said...

Great Post. This season will b awesome I already got my tickets off

Crash said...

I've been really impressed with David Phelps. He has great command and pounds the zone. If he keeps impressing and a starter struggles I wouldn't be surprised to see him get a start.

CC essentially has no bullpen tonight. It will be interesting to see how Girardi handles the bullpen tonight if CC struggles and can't go deep into the game.

Crash said...

Opening day at the Stadium today. Jorge will be throwing out the first pitch this afternoon. Should be a nice day in the Bronx too (sunny, high 60s). Wish I was down there.

First look at King Albert in his new Angels uniform. Should be a good series.

Red Sox are heading home to open Fenway today. They are 1-5 and have to face the Rays, Rangers, and Yankees during this home stand. The Red Sox could be done by the end of next week. And I think the Friday afternoon game is when the Yankees will be wearing the throwback uniforms. Should be neat to see that.

Crash said...

Banuelos has been placed on the 7 day DL at Scranton. They have not listed a reason yet.

old professor said...

Hughes had a tough putting, but if there is anything to take from today's game on the positive side it is the velocity is back and he had six strikeouts. He has to rely on his other pitches more. It also looks as if Phelps could be a real find.

Odd the big trade from this past winter. Pineda is on the DL and is a question mark for the season, Campos is in Class A; Noesi pitches a shut out and Montero homers for the Mariners. Yanks will regret this trade much like they now regret trading Ian Kennedy.

Crash said...

Pineda is scheduled to throw a bullpen session today I believe. Pettitte went 4 innings yesterday in his second outing. Girardi says he needs at least 4 more starts. That's roughly 20 days, if no setbacks. We probably see him mid-late May.

Good win last night. Nova pitched well again. But he continues to give up extra base hits. First inning was the triple, then he gives up the HR. A lot of his hits are for extra bases. It will cost him sooner or later.

I know we're only a week into the season, but Jeter is on a mission. He's leading this team with his play on the field. I wouldn't be surprised to see this production all year if he stays healthy and he ends up in the MVP discussion.

old professor said...

It was good to see that some of the lineup started to hit last night. Ibanez's homerun was a monster blast - maybe just maybe he is starting to come around. Still no rbi's from the number four spot in the lineup. Tex off to his usual slow April.

Nova pitched well. The homerun was on a hanging breaking ball. The triple just found the gap.

Pettitte pitched well but remember he is throwing against Single A competition right now. No prolonged time on the mound. The real test will be when they move him up to Triple A for a start or two. It will be interesting to see what happens when he is ready. Nova has two wins and has earned the ability to stay in the rotation. If Pettitte comes up it is likely the odd man out could be Phil Hughes (or Garcia). But moviing Hughes or Garcia to the pen would mean a demotion for Phelps. The way he has been throwing I cannot see that happening. it would make sense that Hughes goes back to Triple A.

Crash said...

I think at this point both Freddy and Hughes needs to pull it together pretty quickly or the both could be out of the rotation. Phelps is knocking on the door for a start. And everyone knows Pettitte won't be coming out of the pen.

old professor said...

Garcia had an awful night. Explain how someone who pitched lights out in spring training can all of a sudden lose it. First outting five wild pitches and now five runs to a team that had scored only 28 runs in their first nine games.

Crash said...

He's pitching himself out of the rotation. I say one more bad start and Phelps gets a look.

old professor said...

CC had a pretty good game last night. Team actually seemed to hit last night. Hopefully they can keep it up.

Crash said...

I can't believe the Twins took 2 of 3 in the Stadium.

Yankees place Gardner on the DL and call up Cody Eppley from AAA Scranton.

Jeter is on pace to hit 54 HRs...just sayin'

old professor said...

If Jeter hits 54 homeruns this year dinner is on me at the NY Steak at the stadium.

Eppley was released by the rangers after giving up six runs over a nine inning span. Okay so the guy hasn't given up a run at Triple A yet - miles apart from the major leagues.

The starting rotation which was viewed as the greatest strength now appears to be the teams biggest weakness. And I don't want to hear its early yet.

Garcia has not looked anything like he did in Spring Training, CC is giving up five runs a game, Hughes may have cured a mechanical problem (we will see), Kuroda will see there is a big difference between the National League West and the American League East. Nova seems to be the one that is most consistent.

old professor said...

Wow Bartolo Colon sets a major league record by throwing 38 consecutive strikes. It would be nice to see a Yankee pitcher throw five consecutive strikes in a game.

Colon may have been a better choice for the Yankees than Koroda.

old professor said...

Just a couple of items. Hughes did not pitch all that bad last night four of the runs were unearned in the first inning because apparently Nunez hasn't learned to throw the ball to first yet.

In the minors Banuelos is on the DL after getting lit up and Bettances has an ERA over 10!!

Not good news for a the parent club who was toutting how good these kids were going to be.

Cervelli is not hitting his weight in SWB and Molina who chose to go to double A versus becoming a free agent is lighting things up by hitting close to 400.

Crash said...

Yankees/Red Sox at Fenway. Let the rivalry begin. Throwback unis too.

old professor said...

Nova gives another quality start and moves to 3-0. Suddenly is looking like the ace of the staff.

Pettitte has another good outting in the minors. Probaly one more start in the minors.

old professor said...

The question that has to be asked is how much lower the Red Sox will sink. They lead 9-0 after five innings. After six, the score is 9-1. Yankees go historic and hand the Red Sox what has to be the beginning of the end for Bobby Valentine.

Had dinner at Maxwell's and Pete pointed to the score when it was 9-1. When it went to 10-9 his mood definately changed. Owner is a Red Sox fan, cook is a mets fan - food is still good.

Crash said...

If the cook was a Mets fan he couldn't have liked Phil Humber throwing a perfect game for the White Sox. Humber came up through the Mets organization.

I like that the game last night was postponed around 1:30. Gave the Yankees plenty of time to get to Texas. Texas is playing extremely well right now. I think we are going to have a Darvish vs. Kuroda pitching match up in game 2.

old professor said...

The series in Texas will be a telling series. All of the pundits are saying Texas is the best and deepest team in baseball. Yankees need to make a statement. Not sure the rotation is up to that kind of challenge right now.

Bad news on Penieda - he has been shutdown indefinately and is being sent to a specialist for re-examination. Cannot believe this issue was missed in the required physical prior to the trade being consumated. It would appear the Yankees got damaged goods and the damage could date back to last summer.

Crash said...

All the physicals were fine on Pineda. And his previous injury history was with the elbow not shoulder. Shoulders suck though. Hopefully it's something he can comeback from. You just never know with shoulders.

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