Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Predictions 2012

Dusting off the crystal ball - here's what I see in 2012:

The Disasters: Cardinals, Brewers, Red Sox, Mets and Marlins

Cards and Mets cannot be a better team with their roster losses. Miami will take a year of adjustment to get used to their roster gains. Brewers loss of Fielder and Braun's taint too much for a market not used to the spotlight. And the Red Sox are an organization that A) will be trying to forget end of season collapse and B) responded incorrectly by getting rid of Francona. Bobby V is no leader, my over under for him is 80 games.

The Disappointment:

Rationale: They will learn what the Yanks did in the 80s.

The Contenders:
Pirates, Nationals, the entire NL West, Rays, Orioles

There's a part of me that says the Pirates are snake bitten, but given that two of the teams in their division is in decline, maybe if AJ can come back from injury there's enough of a door open to post a winning record. Buck Showalter gets the O's to .500 and 3rd place in the AL East

The Division Winners: Giants, Reds, Phillies, Rangers, Tigers, Yankees

The Wild Cards: D-Backs Rays

Cy Young:
Mo Rivera, Ian Kennedy

MVP: Mig Cabrera, Matt Kemp

Yankee Specific:
CC wins 20, Pettitte wins 12, Mo Saves 50, Nova Kuroda disappoint, A-Rod hits 35, Cano finishes 2nd in MVP, Jeter hits .320, Tex hits 40, Yanks win 110 and 28.

Game on!!



Crash said...

Mid you forgot that there are 2 wild cards this year from each league. I disagree just a little with your predictions.

No way the Angels disappoint. I would go with the Rangers for that. They do not have the pitching to contend this year. The only thing that will keep them in contention is the fact they get the Mariners and A's (the 2 worst offenses in baseball) 18 times each. Mets, Astros, Mariners, and A's will all struggle to win 60 games this year. Cubs are looking at a 90 loss season too.

My predictions:
AL Division Winners: Yankees, Tigers, Angels

Wild Cards: Rays, Red Sox

Rangers are a bust. Darvish finds out how hard it is to pitch in the MLB real quick. No pitching to support the offense. Yankees coast to the AL East title with 100+ Wins. Mo gets 40+, I can see Jeter hitting well over .300, and totally agree that Cano is in the MVP discussion again.

NL Division Winners: Braves, Reds, D'backs

NL Wild Cards: Phillies, Giants

Marlins will be in contention as long as Josh Johnson is healthy and returns to form. He didn't look great yesterday but it's just game 1, think they fall just short of playoffs. Brewers may have decent pitching but that offense will struggle without Prince. Same with Cardinals, they will just miss Albert too much and now Carpenter is missing time with injury.

I'm calling Yankees vs. Giants in World Series. Yankees get #28.

Crash said...

Yankees just trade George Kontos to the Giants for backup catcher Chris Stewart. Believe Cervelli has been sent down.

old professor said...

Crash, Cervelli was sent down and was "surprised" by the move. Apparenlty he has not looked at his spring numbers. Good to see Phelps win a roster spot as well as rapada. Maxwell has been designated for assignment and will probably NOT clear waivers. Too bad the guy gave it his all performed better than anyother outfielder with the exception of Granderson and he will not be with the Yankees. Hall released as will Molina who will be targeted to go to AA.

Mid said...

You're right - forgot about the extra wild card -

I was wondering if the Braves were going to be good this year, they may win the division.

Let me be clear - no way in HELL Boston makes it to the postseason this year.

Crash said...

I'm ready for this season to start. It's even better that the Red Sox lost yesterday, so already they're looking up at the Yankees in the standings without the Yanks even playing a game.

We've heard a lot of names this spring bantered around the pitching...CC, the big trade for Pineda, will Hughes bounce back, Kuroda, Pettitte's comeback, Robertson was hurt but then had a good spring. Mo had a good spring, Joba's injury, Phelps and Rapada making the team. The one name I haven't heard the entire spring and honestly forgot about until I just read it was Soriano. He was quiet, got in his 7 innings. Has decent numbers. He may have a bounce back year and could be a huge difference maker in that pen this year.

Crash said...

Unrelated news: RIP Chief Jay Strongbow.

Crash said...

Welcome to the pinstripes Raul Ibanez. 3-run jack to put the Yankees up.

old professor said...

Too bad about the chief. It just goes to shoe those that you remember from your youth do get old and eventually pass.

Yankees lose their opener. Hate to say it but Mo looked old and not ready for prime time. He was uncharacteristically out of the strike zone and his cutter seemed to spin and not breake to where he wante it to. Maybe he neede more owl in spring training . CC also looked not ready for prime time in the first inning.

Crash said...

I'm not worried about the 0-3 start. If it goes to 0-8, 9 or 10 then let panic set time Yankees started 0-3 (and 1-4) was 1998. Think that turned out well.

Mo always seems to start slow...he may not blow another save the rest of the year. Part of that goes to Girardi though. Classic over-managing in Game 1. And Mo absolutely hates intentionally walking hitters. It throws him off. As soon as Girardi called for the IBB I knew the game was over.

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