Thursday, October 04, 2012

Now the Real Season Begins!

The Yankees destroyed the Red Sox and clinched the AL East and Home Field Advantage throughout the playoffs. I don't necessarily like the long lay off though. So many hitters were hot, while some need the rest guys like Cano, Ichiro, and Granderson were really on fire and will need to carry that through the long weekend. The rotation and bullpen should not be an issue either. CC, Kuroda, and Pettitte will get the starts. Not sure if Hughes gets a start or if they go back to CC in the short series.

Not sure what is more surprising, the A's winning the AL West on the last day or the Nats with the best record in all of baseball. The playoffs should be fun to watch these 1 game WC playoffs will be intense. Not sure I like the 2-3 format for the LDS though. Your #1 seeds can be down 0-2 before they get home.

Congratulations to Miguel Cabrera for winning the Triple Crown. Glad I got to see that in my lifetime. He is definitely the AL MVP. Trout should win player of the year and ROY. Detroit is going to be a very dangerous team in the playoffs. I'm really hoping the A's can bounce them out. I have to believe that the best path to the World Series for the Yankees is if the O's beat Texas and the A's take care of Detroit.

Can't wait to see what happens. Should be fun.


Crash said...

Seeing a report on NBC News that the Red Sox plan to immediately fire Bobby Valentine. Not surprising. If I recall Bobby V was the owners pick not the GMs. I'm going out on a limb and say Cherrington will get to pick the manager now with little interference from the ownership group.

Anonymous said...

Valentine was fired and now the only question is who would be crazy enought to take the job.

Crash said...

In regards to the Red never want to be the guy who replaced the guy. You want to be the guy who replaced the guy that replaced the guy. It's hard to follow success and be successful, but anyone can follow a train wreck and regardless of results be viewed as a success...or something like that.

Now on to teams that actually matter. Despite the much discussed 2-3 LDS format, the teams that were supposed to win are winning. Reds up 2-0, Nats 1-0, Yankees 1-0...the one exception I guess is the Tigers up 2-0, but I'm not surprised at that. The A's just got hot at the right time and the Rangers fell off the map. The A's were not meant to win in October and it shows. I hate the possible Tigers Yankees matchup in the ALCS.

old professor said...

Yeah, something like that. It is difficult to follow the sucessful individual because all you hear is how he/she would have done it. Following the total screw up can make life easy for a short time because there is such a relief that the idiot is gone.

The only serious question the replacement for Valentine will ask is whether he will be allowed to bring in his own coaching staff. If the answer is no then the new guy will fail as well.

Yankees take a one game lead on ninth innning clutch hitting.

Crash said...

It's going to be another long night with an 8pm start tonight. I've been dragging ass all day at work.

old professor said...

Every off season, the Yankees talk about getting younger and more athletic. If they fail to reach the World Series this year, it is time they actually take that concept to heart.

In game two of the ALDS, the Yankees looked slow, old and not ready for prime time. A-Rod looks completely lost at the plate. Bat is slow and he seems to be guessing where the pitch is going. He is completely fooled by breaking pitches and cannot catch up with the fastball. Jeter had yet another error (two in two games) and could not reach a grounder in the hole (could it be because he cheats toward second to cover a dificiency there??).

Swisher is 1 for 33 with runners in scoring position in the post season with the Yankees - guess he may have finally played himself out of the big apple.

Granderson is a joke - he cannot hit lefties and is very suspect against breaking pitches. It seems the hope is he will catch up with the a pitch and drive it into the seats - but in the meantime he leaves runners on and cannot reach base consistently - say good bye in the off season.

Yankees waste a great effort by Pettitte (yes he is 40). Funny he faced Jim Thome and combined the two of them are 92.

Crash said...

That game last night was completely frustrating and we saw exactly what plagued this team the entire season. They can't hit when they need to. They left 10 runners on last night. Including the bases loaded with 1 out and came away with nothing. They had Chen on the ropes for the first 4 innings and got nothing out of it. A-Rod, Granderson, and Swisher are absolutely terrible right now. They shouldn't even be in the lineup. Cano has cooled off considerably (that was my biggest fear of the 3 day lay off). I would rather go with Nunez at SS and have Ibanez in RF, or even Gardner.

I'm really hoping that coming back to the Stadium will spark Cano and Granderson and maybe they can carry the team. The only good thing so far is that the starting pitching has been really good and Jeter & Teixeira are hitting this series.

I hate the TBS broadcast. The team of Smoltz and Ripken is terrible. The camera angles and slow-mo coverage doesn't even come close to the YES network.

old professor said...

Wow you are actually saying you prefer Nunez at shortstop - that really is going out on a limb for you. I do not think coming back to the stadium is going to help Granderson or Swisher. Granderson is back in the form that led the Tigers to give up on him three years ago. He strikes out too much and cannot hit lefthanded pitching consistently (actually recently he cannot hit them at all).

Swisher has never been good in the post season. Think about this. The tying run is on second and the Orioles walk a batter to get to Swisher (they were willing to put the go ahead run on to pitch to Swisher - that says it all).

A-Rod could not catch up with an 87 mph fastball. And all long can say is he is scalding the ball in the cage so I am confident he will hit - really the cage is meant to be a place where you can hit; most of the pitches are straight and you know what is coming- I don't care what he can do against a machine or someone flipping a ball into the air.

The additional problem you are going to see is the bullpen can be over rested. Only Robertson has pitched since last Tuesday.

If Kuroda cannot win tomorrow, I do not seem the team going with Hughes as the last great hope!

Crash said...

Yes I would go Nunez at SS. My line up would be:
Jeter - DH
Ichiro - LF
Teixeira - 1B
Cano - 2B
Ibanez - RF
Nunez - SS
Chevez - 3B
Martin - C
Gardner - CF

I don't necessarily like Nunez that high in the lineup but it breaks the left batters up.

old professor said...

Chavez would definately add something to the offense if put in the line-up. Instead Girardi continues to go with A-Rod who has actually become a-gone (no caps are indtended). He has had I believe one extra base hit since September 14th and has been non existent in the playoffs (oh yeah he got a hit with no one on base).

Yankees need to have a line up that will make contact and move runners - not sure that is going to happen because of loyalty by Girardi to non productive players like A-rod, Granderson, and Swisher. Apparently he cannot get by the concept of "at any time they can hit a home run" at this point a hit of any kind would be welcomed.

Crash said...

Granderson looked completely lost at the plate last night. He isn't even putting the ball in play. He's striking out badly. He makes A-Rod look productive.

old professor said...

Girardi showed a lot of guts benching A-Rod for Ibanez and the move paid big dividends.

As for Granderson, how does last night differ from most of the season. His bat ran into to 41 pitches this year and ended up in the stands. Other than the 41 homeruns he was anemic at the plate. I believe he finished the season hitting under 230. He has played himself out of town.

The Yankee outfield could look vastly different next year - figure that Gardner will be back, Ichiro will probably return and don't be surprised to see the Yankees sign Michael Bourne as an alternative to Granderson (who will not be extended and probably traded).

Swisher has also played himself out of NY. He wants a seven year deal that rivals the one the Nats gave Worth. No plan on words, but Swisher is not worth a Worth contract (actually Worth was not worth that contract). He can take his 1 for 32 Post Season stats and play for the Mets.

No pressure on Hughes - he will not be pitching in a do or die situation which should allow him to relax somewhat.

Speaking of next season - Kuroda deserves to be given an raise based on his performance. He made a nice transition to the American League, pitched well in the East and has shown he can pitch in the post season. (Next years rotation: CC, Kuroda, Pettitte, Hughes[who actually led the team in wins] and in the number 5 slot ?????????????.

Crash said...

Both Jones and Reynolds have hit Hughes well in the past...each have a couple of HRs off him this year. He should be able to dominate the rest of the lineup.

Crash said...

Hughes pitched in and out of trouble but you have to like the way he battled and only gave up the 1 run. The Yankee offense is pathetic. The 3 day layoff killed any momentum or hot streaks they were going. A-Rod, Cano, Granderson, Swisher, Ichiro, and Martin are not hitting at all. Jeter (.421) and Teixeira (.333) are the only regulars over .300.

old professor said...

I agree that Hughes pitched well. Yes he pitched into and out of trouble, but that shows growth in his abilities. Last year had he pitched into trouble it would have snowballed - maybe just maybe he is learning to become a pitcher.

As for the hitting, I cannot blame the 3 day lay off. Granderson was sliding before the lay-off, A-Rod has not been the same since coming off of the DL, Martin was starting to sort of hit.Swisher has never hit in the post season - I bothers me that he hits a high fly and he comes back smiling and indicatinig he just missed it by this much.

Neither team has impressed with me their hitting. Both teams appear to be tight and afraid to be aggressive offensively. Both teams had numerous chances to put the game away last night. Baltimore had runners on second and third with no one out and could not score. Yankees had a runner on second with no outs and could not advance him to third. In another instance they have runners on first and second with no one out and cannot score.

Tonight will come down to which team feels the pressure the least and which bullpen is fresher. Both teams have relied on the pens. Yankee starters have gone longer than the orioles starters.

old professor said...

Girardi finally makes the move he should have made even before the post season started - He has benched A-Rod for game 5 and put Chavez at third. Ibanez will be the DH.

old professor said...

The Yankee performance is nothing short od embarassing. The batters are showing no discipline at the plate. Cano is 0-26. Swisher is not hitting and Granderson is a joke. He is swinging at pitches in the dirt and out of the strike zone. The tiger pitchers are good, but not this good.

During the off season, Granderson, Swisher, and A-Rod need to go. Kuroda has earned another year in pinstripes.

The team needs to look for people who will make contact and move runners. Small ball versus long ball.

Crash said...

I agree...Cashman and the Yankees would be foolish not to try and keep Kuroda. At least a 2 year deal maybe even offer a 3rd year option. While Kuroda has played himself into pinstripes, Granderson and Swisher should be out. I can't see the Yankees making an offer to Swisher, and I would be shocked if Granderson option isn't picked up or at the least picked up and traded. Cano's disappearing act is even more upsetting. I'm not sure what the Yankees can do about ARod, still have him for 5 more years.

Crash said...

Just saw the Red Sox will interview Tony Pena for manager.

old professor said...

Their are better options out there for the Yankees than Swisher - he now says the booing and fans turning on him are hurtful. His staement was "do they think we don't try". And we indicated he can hardly acknowledge the bleacher creatures anymore - my heart bleeds - Maybe if he didn't become a non-entity in the post season, he might get some applause.

Tony Pena would be a good choice for the Red Sox - class act and nows the game. Rumors have the Red Sox trading Jacoby Ellsbury to the Rangers for Derrick Holland.

Crash said...

Swisher was actually more upset because fans were yelling at him that Jeter's injury was his fault. I have to say I agree with those fans. He makes that play, the one where he "lost it in the lights", Jeter doesn't get least at that time. I would guess his ankle was pretty much done and would have happened eventually anyways.

Crash said...

The Yankees have beat up Verlander before, they can do it now. They've done it in Comerica park too. Hughes has pitched real well against the Tigers in Comerica Park too, I think that was his only complete game this year.

I said this yesterday, Yankees need to look at '96 being down 0-2, losing the first 2 badly at home. If they continue to pout and press and not adapt at the plate and try to win all 4 games tonight, instead of taking the old cliche "one game at a time" they will lose. But if they forget about everything, focus on tonight's game they can start the process and come back.

I kind of like the underdog role. Everyone is saying Yankees are done especially because Verlander is on the mound. This is where they need to step up and punch the Tigers in the mouth.

Crash said...

Even Michael Kay, who is a Girardi loyalist, has Ibanez, Gardner, Ichiro (LF, CF, RF) Nunez at SS, Chavez at DH, ARod still at 3B. I agree with everything except ARod. ARod is dreadful against right handed pitching this season and he can't catchup to fast let's put him in there against arguablly the best right handed pitcher in the game right now who throws over 100mph...UGH!

old professor said...

Okay where to start. Lets go with the injury to Jeter. If anyone is to blame it is Jeter. He had to know how much pain there was and he even had a shot to aleviate the inflamation and pain. Whether there was a slight fracture or not will never be known.

As for startting A-Rod, it has more to do with his history against Verlander than anything else. Of all of the Yankees in the possible line up, he is hitting around 350 against Verlander. This is not to say he can do it know. He is in enough hot soup with his behavior during game one. Apparently he was flirtting with two women behind the dugout after he was taken out and actually had the gall to write a request for phone numbers on a baseball that was given to the wormen. The story is on the front page of the NY Post. As it starts out "he has balls".

Crash said...

And ARod is dating former WWE Diva/Playboy model Torrie Wilson!?!! What he did is no big deal...every ball player has done's just ARod so it gets front page news.

old professor said...

Obviously A-Rod has more on his mind other than Tori Wilson. The fact of the matter is, he should be more concerned with what is going on on the field versus who is smiling at him from the stands. Maybe that is the problem with his hitting - he is concentrating on something other than the ball that is being thrown.

old professor said...

Stick a fork in this team they are done. Through many posts during the season, I pointed out one major flaw and that was the balance of offense - yes they would hit homeruns and thus score, but they failed on a regular bases to move runners and to get hits with runners in scoring position.

Now with the post season almost over for the team, the flaws are glaring: Too many of them have tried to hit the proverbial five run home run; they failed on at least three occassions to get a run home with the bases loaded and either no outs or only one out.

Unfortunately their pitchers are pitching lights out and they cannot score runs. Just put an end to this season and re-tool for next year.

Oh Kobe Bryant giving A-Rod advice - NICE.

Crash said...

Yes that has been the Yankees problem all year, it was known it would be a problem in the post-season and the team did nothing to address it. Not sure if that's a Cashman thing or Girardi and coaching problem. The rotation and bullpen have been great. Just further justification to bring back Kuroda and Pettitte. Which I believe Pettitte has already indicated, or at least hinted strongly, he was planning on coming back.

Crash said...

A-Rod is something like 1-12 against Scherzer this year...don't expect to see him in the lineup tonight.

old professor said...

More bad news for the Yankees - Banuelos is scheduled to have Tommy John Surgery and will miss the entire 2013 season. The only positive thing being he is 21 and should have a full recovery. Dr. Andrews will be doing the surgery.

Cory Wade was put on waivers - Toronto claimed him; Pierce put on waivers -claimed by Baltimore. Yankees are beginning to trim the roster down and jettisoning the so so players.

Crash said...

A couple things on the A-Rod "trade rumor" front. A-Rod has told people he would "never leave" NY. He loves the city. Miami is the only other place he would consider. Buster Olny states the general consensus with baseball executives would be that on the open market A-Rod would most likely get a 1 year deal around $5MM. Translation the Yankees would need to eat a boat load of cash to get rid of him. Somewhere around $80MM. That won't happen.

Here's my take...if the Marlins are willing to include Stanton in the deal take it and eat as much money as it takes. Stanton isn't even Arb eligible until next year and is under control through 2015. Olny suggest that the $$ could be softened if they take on another bad contract, like Mark Buerhle who is scheduled to make $19MM and $20MM in 2014 & 2015, respectively.

If A-Rod is healthy and the primary DH next year, you have to figure he's good for .270, 25, 80. That may be conservative. He missed 40 games this year and went .272, 18, 57. Yankees would need to find an everyday 3B. Wonder if the Yankees could find a way to trade for David Wright???

old professor said...

There are a couple of scenarios being bantered around regarding Miami. First and foremost with his benching, A-Rod can figure he has worn out his welcome in NY and the fans are not going to allow him to breathe.

One of the latest rumors is trading A-Rod to Miami for Heath Bell and Jose Reyes. The odd thing here is the Yankees owe A-Rod about $114 million and the joint contract of the two Marlins is $114 million. Yankees could make the trade and then trade Bell and Reyes to get some reasonable prospects back. (Unless they would consider using Bell to fill in for Soriano should he leave).

Projection on Jeter coming back is now four to five months which puts the start of the season in jeopardy. In addition, the specialist is indicating that due to the previous damage, there is no guarantee there will be full recovery from the surgery.

Crash said...

I don't know where you get your info from...every single source I have read has Jeter back for Opening Day and making a complete recovery. Stop being such a Jeter hater.

If they acquire Reyes, would they keep him? Ask him or Jeter to move to 3B??? Reyes is signed through 2018, already has a history of injuries, had some questionable clubhouse stuff for the Mets. Don't think he's a good fit.

old professor said...

First and foremost regarding the Jeter sources. There are two sources that indicated the recovery time from the surgery will take four to five months thus putting the start of the season in question. The articles appeared on the MLB website and the NY Post sight. Both sites quoted the doctor that is going to do the surgery and he indicated: (a) the recovery time for the surgery Jeter is having will be four to five months - Cashman indicated he will not trade for a shortstop. (b) Because of the extent of the ligament damage and the age of the individual being operated on the doctor further stated a full recovery could be in doubt!

Those are not my words they are the doctors.

Now as for your comments regarding Reyes, and moving Jeter to third - do you really think that Jeter has the arm to play third or the reaction time needed? Remember two years ago there was some talk of moving him to the outfield because of his lack of range and now you talk about moving him to third - stop drinking when you post!!

Game starts in just a little bit. Won't be able to see much of it because I have a dinner meeting.

old professor said...

Season for the Yankees now over. A lot of decisions to be made. It appears the Yankees are going to pick up the option on Granderson. The biggest issue will be what will they do with the offense. Would not be surprised if Kevin Long is unemployed before the hot stove season starts - bottom line someone has to take responsibility for the lack of hitting. Hitting coach usually falls on the sword.

He was at a clinic last year and talked about all of the great things he did with Granderson - apparently the magic disappeared.

The Marlins are already making trades to change the face of the team - Heath Bell gets traded in a three way between Marlins, A's and Diamondbacks.

Crash said...

Giants come up with a big win against the Redskins...first time I really watched RG3 in action. This kid is already the most athletic player in the league. He's like Vick in his prime except he's just better...a better QB, better passer, faster, more athletic, etc.

CC is schedule to visit Dr Andrews. Even though it's supposed to be just a bone spur, you never like to hear of visits to Dr Andrews.

Didn't see the Bell trade, but that's not surprising. He flopped big time in Miami. That would also indicate that Ozzie is staying put as manager since he and Bell didn't get along.

Cardinals and Giants game 7 of NLCS should be pretty good. Kind of like that the last 2 World Series winners are going to game 7 to get back. Not sure if I have a real interest in the World Series outcome. Probably rooting for the Tigers because they haven't had a Championship since 1984...which is actually currently the 5th longest stretch between championships (Cubs 1908, Indians 1948, Pirates 1979, Orioles 1983, Tigers 1984).

old professor said...

Giants escaped because of a last ditch two play sixteen second series that led to a long touchdown to Cruz.

Some of the headlines coming from the Yankees are a joke: Granderson getting his eyes checked; A-Rod not going to be traded but team will listen to any calls; CC having elbow checked but should be nothing serious (every time you have doctor andrews look at an elbow it is serious).

Cannot see the Yankees being a major player in what will be a poor free agent pool. Say goodbye to Nicky Swish.

Crash said...

I wouldn't be surprised to see Swisher back next year. Yankees will make a qualifying offer of $13.3, if there isn't a decent mutli-year deal out there he may elect to stay for one more year. The assumption is he will his pick of teams. I don't think anyone would offer him multiple years at that rate. He may get a 2 or 3 year deal at $10 or $11, but if he produces next season he may get the same or better after next season, it may be in his best interest to take the 1 year offer from NY.

old professor said...

I think the team has worn out of Swisher's attitude. It is a sophomoric behavior for a professional athlete and I believe the Yankees can get someone who can be more productive (at least making contact and moving runners). Don't be surprised to she Dickerson and Melky Mesa on the team next season. Dickerson put up decent numbers has good speed and can play defense. Mesa was brought up late in the year, put into selected situations and accompanied the team during the playoffs - very similar with what they did with Jeter. I would also expect them to give a real shot to Mason Williams who is one of their top outfield prospects - he had to have surgery about mid-year but should be ready by spring training.

I not be surprised to see the Yankees make a play for Justin Upton. Apparently he is being shopped by the Diamondbacks for pitching - which of course the Yankees could surrender.

Crash said...

While agree on Mason Williams is their best OF prospect, everything I see and hear is he's at least a year away if not more...though that's what they were saying about Austin Jackson when they traded him away.

I have heard multiple reports that Dickerson will not be back with the team.

Justin Upton is a very good player that needs to find his consistency. He strikes out a little too much, though a lot less than Swisher, and of course Granderson. He's right handed so Yankee Stadium may hurt his power numbers some. But he's young, above average defender, speed and some power. He's still 3-4 years away from his prime, where he could very well hit for .300, 30+, 100. A fair comparison would be Matt Kemp.

old professor said...

Regarding Williams, if he is a year away, the Yankees have very few options in the outfield so there may be some movement to keep Dickerson. I like the way he plays and prepares. His lefthanded bat is a plus in Yankee Stadium. Regarding Upton - youth and athletic, consistency comes with maturity. Being Right handed will encourage him to make contact and not overswing at the stadium.

The Yankees have to make changes defensively and offensively or they will find themselves in the same boat they were at during the final month of the season and playoffs - an old tired struggling team.

Regarding the rotation, I would see CC back, Hughes back and they should offer an extension to Kuroda. Phelps should be slotted into the rotation and the team should live with the results (is he a starter or reliever - stop jerking the kid around). I am not sure about Nova. While he is young and needs to mature, the question will be can he mature enough to be effective at the major league level. I look at what happened to Noesi when he was shipped to Seattle (his upside was supposed to be higher than Nova) and he never took the next step. He ended with a 2-12 record and a plus 5 ERA.

The question that remains unanswered is Pineda - how will his recovery go and can he contribute during the entire regualar season? In addition do the Yankees baby his comeback and limit his innings per outting?

old professor said...

Well the question on Pineda has been answered. Cashman indicates he does not anticipate Pineda being ready until sometime in June. So that makes pitching a little bit more questionable. In addtion, Derek Lowe has indicated he will look for a team that needs him as a starter before committing to coming back to the Yankees as a reliever. (I don't think he added that much to the bullpen anyways). Though the Yankees will need a long reliever from somewhere. I don't see them bring Garcia back.

Crash said...

Cashman is always ultra-conservative when it comes to injuries. Pineda will be there before June. Either way the rotation will be fine if they can bring back Kuroda and Pettitte...and given CC is healthy. I could see Phelps putting up Hughes type numbers (15-17 wins & 4.00 ERA) from the 5 spot.

Saw someone's projected OF next year as Gardner, Granderson, and Ichiro. I'd still unload Granderson if given the chance.

Crash said...

What the Giants did to Verlander last night was what I was expecting the Yankees to do in the ALCS.

old professor said...

Some of the projected names you mentioned are very iffy at best. Yankees do apparently intend to pick up Granderson's option.

Ichiro is a free agent and there is no guarantee he will come back to the Yankees (though he apparently enjoyed the Post Season push). Kuroda and Pettitte are also free agents. No guarantee Kuroda will come back though he proved he can pitch in the AL and while Pettitte has hinted about coming back he has not totally committed. There is also the question as to whether Rivera can or will come back.

Too many questions and they need to be answered sooner than later.

Tigers have to be stunned that Verlander got lit up by the Giants. Has to put a big question mark into the rest of the rotations minds - if it can happen to him, it can happen to us.

Crash said...

One "insider" says Yankees should be aggressive on foreign pitcher Ryu Hyun Ji if/when he becomes available. He has the make up to be a good pitcher in NY atmosphere.

I believe he's a Korean pitcher with a high K rate, I know K'd 13 in a game. Don't really know too much other than that.

Mason Williams has been cleared to start running and working out.

Also the Upton trade talks are already heating up...Granderson + Nunez + prospect or 2 is the consensus from a couple of scouts that would get the job done for Upton.

old professor said...

The rumored deal for Upton would include way too much. Granderson and a prospect at most. I don't see Nunez going anywhere until the team is convinced Jeter can be effective at shortstop. I actually see a transition beginning to occur with Nunez getting more and more playing time at SS while Jeter increases his time as DH.

old professor said...

The news keeps piling up - Mo now contemplating retirement and CC has "minor" elbow surgery. There is also a question regarding Jeter. While it is expected he will be ready for the start of spring training - there seems to be a whisper that he could also decide to step down - actually what more does he have to prove - he has a number of world series rings; he was an MVP; he is the all time hits leader for the team; and I believe he has played in more post season games than any other Yankee. He also led the league in hits last year so what more is there to accomplish.

Pettitte has also indicated he will need at least one more month before deciding about retirement.

Imagine that news conference: Jeter, Mo and Pettitte sitting together indicating they are all retiring together.

Tigers get two hit and shutout by the Giants - are you kidding me.

Crash said...

Let's be realistic, Jeter is under contract for at least next season at $17MM, with an option for 2014...he's not walking away from that. Mo will be back because it's not the proper send off for the greatest RP in the game. You don't retire from an injury suffered in BP while shagging fly balls. I don't think Pettitte came back to be injured half the season. All of them are coming back.

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