Friday, May 17, 2013

Baby Bombers Era Begins - Record: 25-16 1st in AL East

Who are these guys? Forget about the NY Media Guide or Yearbook to find out who these guys are you need a recent printing from Scranton to find half of these guys. Due to injuries the following have been called up at one point or another:

Preston Claiborne
Vidal Nuno
Austin Romine
Alberto Gonzalez (even though he was traded for initially)
Dellin Betances
David Adams
Corbin Joseph
Brett Marshall

Adam Warren has been real good so far too. Given all the rosters move of people coming onto and off of the 40 man I am shocked that Ben Francisco and Melky Mesa are still on the roster. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Eduardo Nunez gone as soon as he's back, and Joba may have finally made himself unwelcomed too.

Then Pettitte gets tight on the mound last night. Not all that concerning but this is what he missed a start for recently and it's still a problem...I know Mid would like to see Wang, but the reports I'm getting is his velo and movement do not translate right now to the big league level. I haven't heard anything recent on Nova, so I'm not sure how far away he initial impression is Pineda may be closer to Nova only because I've heard progress reports on Pineda and they are great. He's actually schedule to throw today and is already hitting 95. Which means that should continue to increase as he continues to build strength and loosens the shoulder up.

I think it will be interesting to see how Girardi will handle the roster once the regulars start to come back. I can't see how you release or trade Overbay. I would rather see Hafner released or traded. He's shown he can hit, but is already suffering from the shoulder injury again, and that's in a part-time role. I can't see Wells being released or traded either. Ichiro is in a terrible slump right now so at least that helps with that decision.

All this being said the Yankees managed to get sole possession of first place and despite losing 2 of 3 to Seattle at home still hold a 1 game lead. The Blue Jays come to the Bronx tonight and the offense may come alive as Mark Buerhle is on the mound.


Crash said...

Finale against Jays washed out. CC's start pushed back until tonight. I think that means they skip Nuno this turn, as he was scheduled to get Pettitte's start. Not sure if he will get another turn.

I don't understand the acquisition of Brignac. The only thing I am sure of is that is not good news for Nunez.

Romine is looking more comfortable both behind the plate and at the plate.

I like what I see from Adams. I can't believe that back in the spring Cashman would have rather give Youkilis $12M rather than give this guy the playing time. Doesn't make sense.

Phelps continues to impress. I going on record now that if there are no proven big time pitchers available either by trade or signing, I have no problem with a rotation of CC, Pineda, Phelps, and Warren. Phelps has a fantastic approach on the mound, reminds me a lot of Pettitte. Pettitte was never the true ace of the staff, but he always came up HUGE when it mattered most. Phelps seems to have the same grit to him. Phelps isn't going to be a #1, he's well suited for #3-5. But his mental makeup is off the charts. The Yankees would need another lefty though in there.

old professor said...

I would think they stay on rotation schedule just so everyone is where they should be. Nuno will get a start because they want to be careful with Pettitte. The trade for Brignac would indicate (a) Nunez's time is done in NY and (b) they do not believe Adams is what he was billed to be.

Odd how the two teams that were projected to finish at the bottom of the division are at the top and those who were to be at the top are at the bottom.

Yankees also have to be concerned about the situation at catching. Cervelli is out for a long time and Stewart is nursing a groin strain. This leaves Romine and no one else. NO one meaning no one on the forty man roster.

Crash said...

#1 Nuno is being skipped at least once. #2 Adams is exactly who they thought he would be and I would bet he is the everyday 3B next year.

Last night was a big win for the Yankees. Big hits from Adams, Hafner, Wells, and Overbay. A little disappointed with Romine at the plate last night.

CC didn't pitch as poor as his line indicates. I think he was consistently catching a couple inches too much of the plate. Baltimore did a very good job at taking the pitches on the outside and going the other way on them.

I think Hughes gets lit up tonight. Career ERA well over 5 against Baltimore. Over under on HR allowed by Hughes is 4.

Crash said...

The Yankees blew that series with the O's. Their 2 "aces" got lit up, and Hughes while the numbers look decent, he was on the ropes all night. He got very lucky. He was an a split second away from giving up at least 5 ER, if not more, rather than the 2.

Kuroda gets hurt in the process, though it doesn't appear to be major.

Yankees have a tough stretch coming up, day off today then a weekend series against the Rays, 4 with the Mets, a weekend series with the Red Sox and finish the homestand with 3 against Cleveland before a west coast trip.

In all reality the Yankees need to sweep the Mets it shouldn't be close. If they win the series against Tampa and Boston they should be in pretty good shape until the ASG.

old professor said...

Yankees have the opportunity to open up some daylight in the standings. If they take both the Rays and Red Sox series they would have some breathing space.

I am not confident on the rotation - Kuroda struggles in the first couple of innings and puts the team behind, CC is not CC he has given up 21 hits in the last two appearance both of which were no decisions for him. Hughes is and has been inconsistent and it is a sad commentary when you realize the best person in the rotation right now is the #4 starter -ouch.

Offensively they are beginning to struggle as well. Overbay while being productive is hitting around 250, Hafner has struggled though he has hit a couple of timely homeruns Nix nor Brinac will scare any pitcher.

The only thing that has helped them is how bad the Red Sox and Orioles have been playing. In the last nine games the O's have won just two games (both against the Yankees) the red sox have lost a bunch as well and just got lit up by the Indians.

Crash said...

Absolutely no reason thee Yankees should lose a game to the Mets. Doesn't get easier tonight with Harvey on the mound.

old professor said...

Wasted effort by Hughes.. Offense really sucked against a pitcher that was really struggling.

old professor said...

If things could not get worse, Mo blows a save and the Yankees lose 2-1 to the Muts.

Texiera and Yuk are scheduled to begin their rehab assignments tonight in Trenton - don't think the weather will cooperate. Nunez still having issues and Pinieda breaks a nail and has to be pulled from a game.

Interesting comment last night by the commentators doing the game on SNY. They were commenting on the fact that Joba was back, Tex and Yuk could be back by the weekend, and Pettitte could also be back by June 2nd. However they commented on there is no news on Jeter as to "when or if he will return this year". So there may be some indications that he is not healing like he should and could be out for a long long time. If he does not come back this year the question will have to be whether he will come back at all or choose to go out with Pettitte and MO at the end of the season.

old professor said...

Forgot about a young lefthanded pitcher by the name of Cesar Cabral. He was a rule five pick up from the Red Sox last year and was pitching for a roster spot when he fractured his elbow. He has been on the 60 day dl but started his rehab. In fifteen days he has to be added to the roster, waived or returned to the Sox.. I would not be surprised to see him added to the roster.

Crash said...

Cabral is pitching real well he could be added to the pen.

Wang has another opt-out available. He has stated he will not opt-out unless he has a MLB offer from another team. So it sounds like he is staying put in SWB. He isn't ready or the big leagues yet, despite good numbers at AAA.

Tex and Youk will be back on Friday, Pettitte Monday or Tuesday.

There is not a reason sufficient from Girardi that could explain why Nix was at 3B and not Adams. When Youk gets back I would rather have Adams in the Bronx and DFA Nix. That won't happen though Adams will be sent down, Brignac will be DFA and Nix will stay at SS.

Yankees are inventing new ways to lose to the Mets and it sucks. Mo blows a save. They're offense disappears against a guy fighting for a rotation spot. Phelps makes the worst offense in the bigs look like a lineup of all-stars. If the offense can't produce tonight against a guy that has an ERA close to 7, they'll need more than Tex and Youk to help.

old professor said...

Despite losing weven of the last nine, the Yankess are only 2.5 games back. Offense seemed to come alive last night as Tex hit a grand slam. The only draw back was the number of hits and runs allowed to the Indians.

Phelps could be making his last start tonight. If he gives up a lot of runs look for him to be sent down and Nuno to be brought up. Yes that is right Nuno over Nova. Nuno has been consistent in his approach and does not get rattled. Nova has been nothing but inconsistent and cot keep his concentration if he gives up a run or two.

I believe Adams should be given more playing time at third than Nix.

Crash said...

Pettitte's return was less than stellar. Can't get through 5IP. Yankees gave him a nice a lead on Teixeira's grand slam and he coughs it right back up. Adams got eaten up by a couple of ground balls and as a result Nix goes in late in the game as a defensive replacement at 3B.

Still a good win as the offense beat up on Masterson who pretty much had his way with them the last time he faced them.

Phelps is fine. He's had one bad outing. Hughes is the guy that needs to wake up or he'll find himself skipped and in the bullpen.

old professor said...

Pettitte was showing some rust. He will be fine his next start. Phelps pitched really well. It will be interesting to see what happens if Pineda does well during his rehab stints. He will come off of the sixty day DL which means someone gets released. If he comes up someone else comes out of the rotation. I would vote for Hughes to come out of the rotation if he does not straighten things out.

It will be interesting to see the unions reaction should baseball decide to suspend twenty players.

Crash said...

I think Selig will announce the suspensions probably the week before A-Rod is due back. He will not want any of this to detract from the ASG which is July 16. So any announcement needs to be made now to let the dust settle before that or just after the ASG.

He should suspend them all, the union should fight it, the arbitrator should rule in favor of MLB, but will side with the players. MLB will need more than this Tony Bosh. They will need multiple witnesses corroborating the story. Maybe even video tape of the players actually accepting or administering the drugs.

Crash said...

And about roster moves, the Yankees can still play a little bit of a shell game. Granderson could be moved to the 60 day, Nunez could be moved to the 60 day. If they eventually need to release someone it's probably Brignac then Boesch.

old professor said...

They should move Nunez to the sixty day because he is a wasted roster spot right now. He cannot provide anything to the team and does not seem to have the ability to recover from the injury. Granderson is another story. How many times in a season can the same player be on the sixty day DL?

I am confused by the Yankees draft. The two position players are high ceiling players. But it would appear will not help the team for at least two years. The high school pitcher also is high ceiling, but is a minimum of three or four years away. The team took another high schooler in the second round that is a second baseman. Again at least four years away. They would have been better served by taking Hunter Green with their third first round pick. More experience and more polished and nay be ready in a year.

The second round pick - second baseman - is a bigger mystery. Are they contemplating that Cano will be gone in four years or that Adams is not the answer should Cano move on. Taking a high school position player is a big risk. This has been proven out with the picks of Bichette and Culver who have not progressed and scouts were questioning both picks when they were made.

Crash said...

The only players that make an immediate impact are top 3 players. Harper took couple years (drafted 2010 came up 2012), Strasburg was drafted 2009 debuted 2010 but was limited then TJS took away 2011, and was limited again last year. I would rather have the pitcher fully develop and come up to the majors with the "Joba Rules" applying. The Baseball draft is not like the NFL or NBA, immediate impact is not there. Even for #1 picks. The list of players who went directly to MLB is very short. I know Dave Winfield, Jim About and Catfish Hunter are a couple. When you draft today I think minimum expectation is 2 years away. 3-5 is the norm.

Crash said...

Hughes is done. Pineda can't get here soon enough. I'm guessing 3 more rehab starts.

old professor said...

Watchng the Yankees today is like watching a Triple A team. Adams, Brinac, Nix and Romine. These are guys who were supposed to fill in and give regulars a rest instead they are all starting. Tex goes down again, Yuk back to the DL. The season may not be salvageable.

old professor said...

A lot of talk about what the Yankees need to improve. The big thing they need to do is change their concept of salary and salary cap. The salary cap that now exists was an attempt by the rest of baseball to punish the Yankees and Red Sox. Most of those small market teams would not have survived without the revenue sharing of which the largest share came from the Yankees. We will see how teams like Tampa, Miami, Minnesota and KC survive without the infusion of cash.

In addition, I think Cashman's time has run out he no longer has the autonomy needed to make the decisions on roster and trades everything is dictated by the 2014 cap structure which I am really tired of hearing about.

old professor said...

Time for someone to write a new post.

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