Sunday, November 04, 2007

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It was a pretty good week all things considered...

New managers: Joe Torre to LA, Girardi to NY is so done. How about a little press time for the other new manager? Scott Brosius was named the manager for the DIII Linfield Wildcats.

Posada giving his thumbs up to Joe G. - a signal to Yankee management that the 3 year, $40 million offer will suit him just fine.

The Yanks picked up the option on Abreu. Are they Gary Sheffielding him or will he be in pinstripes come opening day?

$350 million is the number that Boras is looking to get for A-Rod. At least that's the number Boras told Cashman he'd be willing to get out of bed for a face to face. I can't see a club outside of LAA or the Cubs ready to pony up that kind of jack. I'd love it if the highest offer he gets is actually lower than what he walked away from.

Stop the chatter on Santana. It's not going to happen, nor do we want him. His arm is fatigued - one Carl Pavano per decade is all I can stand.

Payroll? Who said anything about reducing payroll? Cashman telling the press that the Yanks are still big game hunters, and this is still Boss Steinbrenner's team.

Ian Kennedy will be the best Yankee starter in 2008.


Middle Relief said...

Politics - It was nice to see a local boy remind the press that they are reporters not just apart of the PR department for the Clintons. Tim Russert (Buffalo) manned up, forgot he worked for NBC "news" for a moment, and much to Brian Williams chagrin, pinned Hillary Clinton on a question about policy (of all things!). The net result was an immediate slashing of 10 percentage points in her approval rating.

Thank you Tim.

The Scooter said...

Hilarious comparing Santana to Pavano....doesn't even deserve a response.

They are keeping Abreu, although it looks like Damon may be in play to the White Sox for Crede.

Ian Kennedy will be the best Yankee starter pitching for the Twins or the Marlins next year.

Russert's actions were part of a liberal conspiracy.....He and his fellow lib media-wastes KNOW that Hillary is un-electable in the general election....therefore they need to make sure she doesn't win the nomination. I say leave her alone and watch her get trounced in November.

old professor said...

Mark this day down, I actually agree with Scooter (this could mean armagedon is just around the corner). No way you can compare Santana to Pavano. Pavano lost the desire to play ball and looked for every ache or pain to keep him out of the line-up. Eventually he did need Tommy John surgery.

Santana has been a stud for Minnesota. He pitched wit class and until the end of the season kept his team in contention to win most of his games. I do believe he is worn out with all of the innings he has pitched and might be a liability.

The Yankees have a plan to stick with their young arms and should commit to that plan and go with it.

I would not trade Damon for Crede. He is coming off major back surgery and his mobility and flexibility will be reduced. He may have to alter his swing as well to compensate for the eventual scar tissue in his back. Think Randy Johnson on this one guys. The White Sox will try to amend the mistake they made by going after Aaron Rowand.

Interesting statement form the Red Sox this weekend in relationship to the story of A-Rod's $350 million request from the Yankees. "Don't know too many teams out there that will pay that kind of money, there may be one team willing to pay and go with a ridiculously long contract, but I can't see it. We are going in a different direction."

Yankees can also offer A-Rod arbitration which will guarantee them compensation when he signs with someone else. (It would be interesting if no one bites on the $350m if Boras comes back to the Yankees with something like what they were going to offer - would still doubt they sign him.).

Mid said...

Pettitte needs to decide by Wednesday if he's coming back.

Crash said...

I can't believe you went with Kennedy as the Yankees best start and not Rasner or Karstens. Mark it in stone, Kennedy will not be in Yankee pinstripes next season.

The Yankees can still go with a youth movement and get Santana (he's only 28) and how do you not make a run at the best left hand pitcher in the game. They need someone to match-up with Beckett. Santana has something like a 2.60 ERA against Boston...and Ortiz, Lowell and Yuk are eah hitting under .190 against him for their careers. The other thing is you have to keep Santana from the Sox, even if it's just a slim possibility. Imagine if they had Beckett and Santana...ugh!!! I know Theo would never trade both Bucholtz and Lester for Santana...I would if it meant getting the best lefty in the game in the same rotation as the best righty.

Mid! said...

Crash - your argurment sounds like the same rationale when you were jonesing for Randy Johnson, Carl Pavano, and Jarrett Wright - how'd those turn out?

Kennedy, Hughes, Wang, Chamberlain, and Pettitte, with Karstens as the closer, I mean Mo, will be the best pitching staff in baseball.

No Santana! - Arm fatigue, Tommy John surgery for this guy before Sept. of '08 is a given.

The Scooter said...

Arm fatigue???...who the hell are you? Frank Jobe? (Google it).

Mark it down....Prof actually agreed with me on something...and I actually agree with Crash on something. Santana is the key to the 27th title. Get him in pinstripes by any means short of giving up Hughes or Joba.

Torre's press conference in LA was pure class...and did anyone see McCort's wife? Damn!

old professor said...

I may be going out on a limb here, but if any of the young pitchers are going to be traded, it should not be Kennedy. The kid has a greater array of pitches to throw and showed he can throw all of them and for strikes. He also seemed to posess more poise and did not get rattled. Hughes showed great potential (the Texas game), but only threw two pitches and when the curve wasn't working, the fastball became very easy to hit.

And sorry Mid, Karstens will not be with the big club when the season starts. The only way he finds his way to NY during next season is if there are three or four injuries to the roatation or he comes in with another team. Same for Rasner.

By the way, the Yankees are not going to hold Pettitte to the deadline of Wednesday to make a decision. Somehow, I have this feeling, Pettitte is going to retire. He felt the Yankees would be in contention for a world title this past season and thought he could be a big part of it. He pitched better than anyone could have imagined, but the rest of the staff was not up to the task. I don't think he likes being away from his family and he can't pitch without pain. Class act - baseball needs more people like him.

The Scooter said...

Prof, no way they move Hughes...They think they have the next Tom Seaver in him...I hope they're right. And we know that the fans would burn down the Stadium if they ever traded Joba...So...If one of the kids are going to be moved for Santana or Miguel Cabrera or any other "impact" player, it's going to be Kennedy.

Did I read that the Rays are considering putting Kazmir on the trading block? Or was that a dream?...I know I'm going to get yelled at for this, but Kazmir would be a STAR in the Bronx, and he would win 20 games.

I think Pettitte comes back one more year (unless he is on Mitchell's list). If he retires, I think he should get a plaque in Center Field.

57 said...

Of all the athletes that talk out of the side of their mouths, the one who I did not expect to add to that list was Andy 'Game 2' Pettite. All of the talk surrouding 'how can I turn my back on the Yankees..' etc was, apparentely, a bunch of BS. He turned down the option and filed for FA... i mean c'mon!! Because money talks, there should be a moratorium on any athlete interviews until the end of free agency moves.

What, is Pettite going to be the next Clemens? Is he going to sit out until the Summer and come back to pitch for the Yankees for $1,000,000 per pitch??


Here is one:

Milledge, Pelfrey and Gomez for Zazmir. Welcome back to your home!!

Santana will be a Met... I keep telling you.


The Colts/Pats game was one for the ages. It almost seemed like the Colts were lulled into a false sense of security and then next thing you know, game over and what just happened?? Pats are pretty good, but will lose to the Bills on Sunday night in Buffalo. Mark it down.


Man-genious? REALLY?


Giants/Cowboys this weekend... the NFC's version of Colts/Pats.


How great is the NFL?

old professor said...

57, as usual you are the disgruntled Mets fan that tries to attack any decision the Yankees or one of their players makes. Fact - Pettitte wasn't ready to make a decision so he declined his option. This opens a roster spot on the team. Much better for him to decline the option than accept it and retire. Fact - he has stated if he pitches next season, it will only be for the Yankees. Fact - In the modern era, many of the individuals who retire allow their contracts to run out, decline options and then declare free agency. One of the few exceptions was Albert Belle who actually refused to retire while under contract and sued Baltimore for the daily allotment of meal money while he was physically unable to play for three years (he won the case and Baltimore had to pay the meal money).

I believe the Mets had a first baseman a few years ago that sort of did the same thing as Belle. Couldn't play continued to occupy a spot collecting his money and then retired.

Pettitte cleared a roster spot and gives the Yankees the possiblity of signing him in the future.

Anonymous said...

It does not bother me that Pettitte filed for FA. He has made it clear its the Yankees or no one, and hank the dank said if he wants to come back it would take less than 24 hours to do a deal.

I am glad that none of you clowns are GMs. Your obession with pitchers who have been overworked boggles the mind. Kazmir has less than 5 years of effectiveness to his career and Santana is going to the Dodgers where he'll secure a Mike Hampton like contract, and he'll have a similar fate as Hampton as well.

Mid said...

I typed that last post. - hit enter one too many times.

The Scooter said...

57, you once again prove that you have absolutely no "feel" and very little knowledge about the workings of a baseball team.....Andy Pettitte is a true Yankee...the Yankees finally did something right by telling him to take his time making his decision and the $16 mil will be on the table when he does. Do Prof and I have to spell EVERYTHING out for you?

Mid, please stop....Do you realize that for almost a year and a half you have been loving on Karstens and Rasner and now Santana and Kazmir aren't good enough for you? What's wrong with this picture?

Mid said...

Karstens is the next Mendoza.

Rassner is the next Graham Lloyd.

I know - most of things I said as it relates to Santana, Karstens, Rassner are pretty much said in jest.

I just do not want to see them write another big check and not have the production to back it up. I think we have a quad of starters that are quality and cheap and should be given the opportunity to see what they can do.
Wang, Hughes, Kennedy, and Chamberlain in my mind could be a special rotation.

Crash said...

For the record I never wanted Johnson (well not when they got him, they should have landed him prior to Arizona), never wanted Pavano or Wright. I did like Wright's attitude on the mound when he was healthy, but they were just train wrecks...

I was critical of the Pettitte signing last year...thought he was too old. But he was a tremendous down the stretch and in the playoffs. I hope he keeps to his word and have it be either the Yankees or nothing. He would be great for this pitching staff, especially if they decide to keep all of the youngsters. Which I say still won't happen. Remember Cashman is the guy who traded the much loved, young, talented Soriano for "the best player in the game". Why would you not think he wouldn't do the same for the best pitcher in the league? I like Wang in the regular season, Hughes & Chamberlain showed they have what it takes. But Kennedy only pitched in 3 games, so the league didn't know about him. He tops out in the mid-upper 80's and has a nice curveball. That's crafty if you're a lefty but it's washed up real quick if you're a right hander. The Yanks should trade him while his value is up.

When do the GM meetings start? Hopefully we can get some solid answers out of those meetings.

old professor said...

Regarding the fixation with pitching, if the last two years has taught the Yankees anything it is good pitching will shut down good hitting most of the time. Detroit's rotation made the Yankees look terrible in 2006 and this year Cleveland's staff did the same.

Mid, first of all Karstens will not be the next Mendoza. He has already proven he doesn't have the ability to pitch everyday like Mendoza did. In addition, Mendoza would have been able to avoid the line shot that broke Karstens leg.

As for the Rasner/Lloyd comparision, Lloyd was lefthanded and lasted two years with the Yankees. Rasner is not lefthanded and has not been able to last a complete season with the Yankees. The only rational comparison is they are both members of the human race.

And regarding the Hampton/Santana comparison, exactly how many Cy Young awards did Hampton win compared to Santana at age 28?

Kazmir has shown two things - first he can win in Tampa which is a difficult proposition and second, he is fragile and will spend a good deal of any season on the DL.

Crash said...

I'm tired of seeing the Red Sox do the right thing and having it pan out. They just re-signed Schilling to a 1-year deal for $8M. I personally don't like Schilling, and really think he'll be a sub .500 pitcher next season, but he's really good in the post-season and he's done a lot for that team since 2004. Good move by the Sox...even better if he gets lit up by the Yanks next year.

57 said...

Prof, I hope you're not coming down on Keith Hernandez...

57 said...

Carlos Beltran (CF) and David Wright(2B) win Gold Glove awards for the 2007 season.

Crash said...

Prof was probably making reference to Mo Vaughn...the best deal Steve Phillips ever made.

Crash said...

Word is Yankees have made a formal offer to Mo Rivera: 3 years/$39M.

I'm also hearing that in order to entice the Yankees in adding Hughes, Chamberlain or Kennedy to any deal for Cabrera they would consider adding Dontrel Willis to the deal for one heck of a blockbuster.

Personally I like that. I would make an offer of Kennedy, Sanchez, & Melky for Dontrel and Miggy.

Crash said...

Oh and I would throw in Rasner and Karstens...just so we wouldn't have to listen to the man-love Mid seems to have for them.

Mid said...

Cashman offered Melkey and Phil Hughes to the Padres for Jake Peavey.

The Scooter said...

Mid, where was that reported? Seems highly dubious to me.

The Scooter said...

Phillies traded for Brad Lidge...They now have the best closer in the NL East.

Mid said...

Peter Gammons and Buster Olney are at the GM conference - at the end of each day they are reporting on the Hot Stove situation.

Two things were reported: the Padres/Peavey offer, and that the Marlins wanted Chamberlain and Cabrera and Cash said no.

Right now - it seems the Yanks are willing to part with Hughes more so than Kennedy (who mgmt feels is the #1 prospect) and Joba who has more pitches than Hughes.

Crash said...

Cashman did speak to Kevin Towers about the availability of Peavy but no official offer has been by either GM. Padres do need OF and they would certainly ask for pitching in return. They also need a 2B. The only way Towers would want to break up a rotation that has Peavy and Chris Young is if he can fill multiple areas of need.

The Scooter said...

The Phil Hughes thing is a smokescreen. They prefer to move Kennedy, but they want people to think he is all but's called maximizing his value.

Hughes doesn't get moved unless it's in a package for Santana or a huge mega-deal involving Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle.



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